Cooking challenge

On Australia Day 2011, I decided I had to make better use of my collection of barely touched cookbooks. So I set myself a challenge: to make at least two recipes from each book, of which at least one must be savoury. And both have to be recipes that I haven't made before (with the exception of my handwritten binder, in which case they have to be things I haven't made in over a year, and things I haven't posted on here before). I'm not setting a time frame, it's just something I'm going to keep ticking away in the background!

I currently have 14 recipe books, so that's a total of 28 recipes. I'll post links to them here as I progress!

Update 21/2/2011: I caved and bought a new cookbook courtesy of Borders going into administration and me having a $100 voucher left from Christmas. So now I have 15 books, and will be making 30 recipes instead.

Recipes down: 22
Recipes to go: 8

1. Roast capsicum and feta muffins
2. Chilli, lime and chicken salad
3. Chocolate mousse
4. Muffins that taste like doughnuts
5. Tom kha gai
6. Mixed berry and mint sorbet
7. Vegetables stuffed with spiced rice
8. Sour cream pancakes
9. Vegetarian paella
10. The essential white loaf
11. Ninjabread men
12. Phad siewe
13. Hot raspberry souffles
14. Portuguese custard tarts
15. Chicken fajitas
16. Chocolate macarons
17. Arancini
18. Strawberry jam
19. Curried vegetables
20. Flourless chocolate cake
21. Cream cheese and cherry danishes
22. Churros
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