Regular guests

It inevitably happens that bloggers find themselves discussing the same people over and over again, and it's entirely possible that readers have no idea who you're talking about. I figured this was a nice way around that problem - a one-stop-shop for introductions! 

IRL people

Little Miss A - My nine year old niece. She likes to bake with me, is obsessed with her two cats, and has a blog of her own. A total mini-me in almost every way. 

C - My long suffering younger brother. Very rudely moved to London in mid-2013. Now I torture him via Facebook and WhatsApp.

Paulie - C's long suffering best friend, and my almost-brother. Occasionally we travel together, and in between times, he periodically supplies me with super secret ice cream.

Sara - My bestest friend of ever. We met in Guatemala in 2008 and have been practically inseparable ever since, except for the fact that we live on opposite sides of the world. 

Kat - Best friend, almost sister, and travel partner. We like to send each other ridiculous emails, and eat weirdly flavoured M&Ms. 

Deidre - My Dessert Day partner in crime and fellow appreciator of 1990s Bill Pullman's magical hair. If it involves chocolate or Pitch Perfect, chances are we'll be interested.

Ness - Best friend, travel buddy, recipient of all my most ridiculous text messages, and occasional cause of excessive amounts of trouble.

Em and Matt - Bestest friend from high school and her husband. Practically family. Long suffering recipients of me as a house guest when I visit Canberra. Two of my favourite people on the planet. 

Bowie and Clapton - Em and Matt's two year old twin daughters. Not their real names. They like to share their colds with me.

McCartney - Em and Matt's shiny new son. Also not his real name. He may or may not be in love with me...

Char - My best friend from kindergarten. Occasionally tells horrific stories on account of being a lady parts doctor. 

Agatha Goodkin - A randomly created pseudonym for my roommate on the Washington study tour.

LB - My former colleague, movie buddy and very good friend. I was with her when I decided to start a blog.

Tom Hiddleston - My future husband. He is not aware of this fact. 

Bloggy friends

Kim - My fellow antipodean/ubernerd, BFF, partner in all things Tumblr and ridiculous, and blog designer. Seriously, if you need a blog redesign, go talk to Kim.

Lor and Sweeney - Not only my bloggy BFFs, but the founders of my beloved Snark Squad. Sometimes we like to hang out in real life, and then awesomeness happens. And also mac and bonfire. And real life hashtagging, because we're cool like that.

Gina - Doomed to be one of my favourite people on the planet when we got sick of our best friends saying that other people were their best friends, and so despite having never met, we'd list each other as our best friends. Once we went hot air ballooning together.

Nikki - My hetero life partner. Moved from the US to Australia for uni, but rudely moved to Sydney instead of Melbourne. We like to rant about Doctor Who, accidentally kill each other in Lego games, and laugh about the lady legs used on Mel Gibson's Braveheart costume.
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