About Me

Hi! I'm Kirsti. I'm a 20- just-turned-30-something who moved from Melbourne to Canberra in 2008 for uni, and wound up working there as a museum curator. When my contract finished in July 2011, I moved home to Melbourne. Three years in Canberra is more than enough for anyone! Because, to paraphrase Jane Austen in Mansfield Park, Canberra is Canberra, but Melbourne is home.

I write about all manner of random crap. I'm doing a Masters in librarianship, so I talk about uni and books a lot. I watch far too many movies and television shows for my own good, and occasionally write love letters to the BBC and Doctor Who. I love playing with my SLR and travelling whenever I can. Sometimes I write about trips I took several years ago. And there are baked goods on far too regular a basis for my waist line to cope with!

Occasionally, I vlog and it's pretty damned awkward. You're welcome.

You can drop me a line at melbourneonmymind [at] gmail [dot] com

K xx
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