Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TTT - Recently Acquired Books

It's been a while since I've participated in Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish. But this topic is one that's simple enough that I don't have to think too hard about the list and therefore doesn't strain my brain too much when I'm in a post-work, currently-coughing-up-a-lung state of zombieness.

So. Let's get to it!

1. Hidden Huntress - Danielle Jensen

This one arrived in an order at work last week, and I've been wanting to read it for aaaaaaaaaaages so obviously I snaffled it from the new books display this morning before the kids could see it mwahahahaha.

2. Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter

I had no idea that Karin Slaughter even had a new book coming out, so I was pretty damned excited when Kim started raving about how awesome it was on Facebook the other day. And I bought it on my Kindle immediately.

3. Scarlet in the Snow - Sophie Masson

I stumbled across this one at work last week, and seeing as one of the topics for the Aussie YA Book Bloggers Book Club Challenge is to read a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, it seemed like it was fate!

4. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

I'm reading this one for Classics Club, and initially I'd borrowed a copy from work. But it turned out to be an abridged edition - we have several editions, and they're ALL abridged - so I had to go with the free Kindle edition instead, even though it has a HORRIBLE cover.

5. P.S. I Still Love You - Jenny Han

I wasn't the biggest fan of To All The Boys I've Loved Before, but the Kindle edition of this wasn't very expensive so I figured I may as well get it and see how the story finishes!

6. Vicious - V.E. Schwab

I've heard so many amazing things about this one, and when I saw that the Kindle edition was less than $5, I figured I'd give it a shot.

7. An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir

I've just started this one, and it's another one that I snaffled basically as soon as it arrived in the order at work. I'm totally late to the party because this one was hype-central a few months back. So I'm interested to see how I feel about it!

8. To Hold the Bridge - Garth Nix

I think this is the most recent book I've bought in physical form, and that was probably a month ago. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but I'm pretty excited about a new Old Kingdom story, along with a bunch of other Garth Nix awesomeness.

9. 99 Days - Katie Cotugno

I'm a little hesitant about reading this one because I've heard mixed things and it soooort of seems like the type of story that will send me into a rage spiral. But, you know, the Kindle edition was cheap, so........

10. Kissing in America - Margo Rabb

I finished this yesterday and absolutely loved it, though the title is totally full of lies - it's not a contemporary romance. It's the story of a girl coming to terms with the grief she feels over her father's death two years earlier. And it was great.

What have you acquired recently?

K xx


  1. I have been hearing some really goo things about Jenny Han lately, so since both books are out now I shall have to hurry up and get them. Happy readings :)

    My TTT http://wp.me/p3ftwe-HX

  2. Ooh, TO HOLD THE BRIDGE is one I've been eyeing for sure!

  3. I recently got A Tale of Two Cities as well! Although, now you have me paranoid that it might be an abridged copy...


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