Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eurovision wrap up

Yes, friends, it's that time of year again! I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights live tweeting up a storm. Live blogging on top of that was a little too much to ask, so as with last year you're getting a wrap up post instead.

Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot of crazy this year. There weren't even many songs that stand out as being particularly awful. There WERE a bunch that were just kind of...odd??...so we'll talk about those instead.


Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia)

Okay, I'll admit: I'm a little biased here. Yes, Australia (inexplicably) competed for the first time, and I absolutely loved Guy Sebastian's song.

Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies (Serbia)

This is FREAKING AMAZING. On stage costume changes, a super sparkly Adele-esque lead singer, a catchy tune, and fabulous lyrics. A big fat A+ from me.

Mans Zelmerlow - Heroes (Sweden)

This was the favourite, and there's a good reason why it won: those visuals are STUNNING. I was a little afraid that it wouldn't stand up without the visuals behind it, but I've been pleasantly surprised by how catchy it is with just the audio.

Loic Nottet - Rhythm Inside (Belgium)

In the semi-final, all I could focus on was the over the top lighting and how it feels like it belongs on the Orphan Black soundtrack. But by the time the final rolled around, I was really excited when they turned up on stage.

Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy (Israel)

It pains me to put this on this list. Because let's face it - this song is pretty terrible. But it's a TOTAL earworm that warrants chair dancing whenever you hear it. AND HIS SHOES!!!! What even. Dammit, Israel.

Nina Sublatti - Warrior (Georgia)

If anything at Eurovision screamed "girl power anthem", it's this. Fabulous.


Ann Sophie - Black Smoke (Germany)

I didn't love this in performance. But I've listened to it a few times since downloading the album, and I enjoy it more and more each time.

Electro Velvet - Still in Love With You (United Kingdom)

I think when I saw this on TV, I was so ridiculously overwhelmed by the set and the outfits and EVERYTHING LIGHTING UP that I couldn't really pay attention to the song. It's definitely better without the visuals.

Lisa Angell - N'oubliez Pas (France)

SBS added subtitles for the non-English songs, and it meant that I knew just how depressing this song really is. The beige-dressed Les Miserables wanna-bes at the end didn't help. But without the visuals and the subtitles, it's pretty good.

Maraaya - Here For You (Slovenia) 

Another one that suffered from distracting visuals. I mean, her headphones and the interpretive dancer with one leg glued to the floor playing an invisible violin? What the eff. But I think I've listened to it four times today, and it grows on me more each time.

Voltaj - De La Capat (Romania)

So this song is about kids who've been left behind when their parents moved internationally for work. Essentially, it's depression central. But it's a surprisingly good song. And, you know, it helps that it's in Romanian so you have no idea what the words are...


BOGGIE - Wars for Nothing (Hungary)

Every time I hear this song, it sends me to sleep. Sorry not sorry.

Edurne - Amanecer (Spain)

Look, it's not a terrible song. But the staging just made it hilarious.

Elina Born and Stig Rästa - Goodbye to Yesterday (Estonia)

They stared at each other so intently when they were singing that I can't hear the song without seeing it in my head, and...yeah. Plus, the lyrics are kind of creepy...

Elnur Huseynov - Hour of the Wolf (Azerbaijan)

Dude. No. Ditch the interpretive dancers, and stop singing about wolves, yeah?

Genealogy - Face the Shadow (Armenia)

This whole thing came across as a coven of witches trying to recruit new members.

The Makemakes - I Am Yours (Austria)

WHAT DID THAT PIANO EVER DO TO YOU??? And what the hell is your guitarist wearing ohgod my eyes.

Trijntje Ooserhuis - Walk Along (The Netherlands)

Girl. You are wearing the love child of a bin bag and an academic gown. WHY.

Did you watch Eurovision this year? Who were your favourites?

K xx

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  1. I really, really don't want to have Goldenboy stuck in my head because it's the worst but OMG it's so catchy! Which is why I have been skipping the song when it came on itunes every time.


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