Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March reading wrap up

Okay, how is it April already? I AM NOT ON BOARD WITH HOW FAST THIS YEAR IS GOING SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP. But I digress. It's time to wrap up my March reading!

Books read: 35. What the hell?! I need a life. Someone find me a life immediately, because this is getting ridiculous.
New vs rereads: 17 new books vs 18 rereads. And considering I had a ton of new library books to get through, that's kind of surprising!
Most read genre: Continuing the trend, contemporary took out first place with 7 books. Fantasy and crime were in joint second with 5 books each.

Favourite book: I read a lot of fairly average books this month. The only one I rated above 4 stars was Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty, so I guess that was my favourite by default! (It was pretty damned perfect)
Least favourite book: Food for the Dead by Michael E. Bell. He's a folklorist, so from that perspective the writing made sense. But as a history book? It was kind of all over the place.
Favourite cover: I don't know what it is about it, but I really love the cover for The Shattering even though it's pretty standard.

Diverse Books Project: I'm a couple of weeks ahead of schedule at the moment, which is good because I've got an ARC that I desperately need to get to before I start on any more diverse books. Also, I need you guys to tell me which thumbnail you prefer - the ones with my face or the ones with just the book cover. I NEED TO KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

In March, I ended up reading 2 graphic novels, 4 non-fiction books, and 29 novels. There are links to all my Goodreads reviews below!

Perfect Fifths (Jessica Darling, #5)
4.5 star books: Perfect Fifths

Dash & Lily's Book of DaresMade For YouThe Night She DisappearedSaga, Volume 1 (Saga #1-6)The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, #1)Disruption (Disruption, #1)Jingo (Discworld, #21)The Fear (The Enemy #3)The Lost World and Other Thrilling TalesCrocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1)Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest MutinyThe ShatteringCorruption (Disruption, #2)One Good Turn
4 star books: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares | Made for You | The Night She Disappeared | Saga, Volume 1 | The Eyre Affair | Disruption | Jingo | The Fear | The Lost World and Other Thrilling Tales  | Crocodile on the Sandbank | Batavia's Graveyard | The Shattering | Corruption | One Good Turn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Predators and Prey (Season 8, #5)The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoDragon Keeper (Dragon Keeper #1)The Colour of Magic (Discworld, #1)HuntressOwls Well That Ends Well (Meg Langslow, #6)Afterworlds
3.5 star books: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Predators and Prey | The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao | Dragon Keeper | The Colour of Magic | Huntress | Owls Well That Ends Well | Afterworlds

Full Tilt (Full #2)The Doctors' Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignac SemmelweisMoving Pictures (Discworld, #10)CongoBlack Order: A Sigma Force NovelHigh Five (Stephanie Plum, #5)Manhattan DreamingThe Wrong Way HomeDead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4)
3 star books: Full Tilt | The Doctors' Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis | Moving Pictures | Congo | Black Order | High Five | Manhattan Dreaming | The Wrong Way Home | Dead to the World

Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4)Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.
2.5 star books: Fourth Comings | Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.

Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England's VampiresThe Mysteries of Udolpho
2 star books: Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England's Vampires | The Mysteries of Udolpho

Three months in, and I STILL haven't rated anything less than 2 stars. I guess this means I'm getting better at picking books?? Then again, I've only given 5 star ratings to three books this year, and one of those was a reread. So I'm clearly not getting better at picking OMG AMAZING books. Sigh.

What did you read in March?

K xx


  1. I don't have a preference when it comes to your thumbnails. I like seeing your face in them but I also don't mind the ones with just the book. *sigh*

  2. I've given a LOT less 5-star ratings this year too. IT'S WEIRD. Last year I ended up with like 20+ "absolute favourites" and this year only 3 books have gotten on that shelf. I'm getting fussy. >.> Ohh 35?! YOU ARE AMAZING. I did 34, so I'm only just behind you. lol Although this month I've been slack. And all the books I have left to read are like 400+ pages so it's taking me a while to get through them. xD


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