Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Any more and I'll have square eyes

I was originally planning on doing Top Ten Tuesday today, as per usual. But after spending the past hour looking for inspiring quotes and coming up with a whopping two possibilities, I decided that it wasn't worth spending the entire afternoon looking for others. And I've been talking about books a LOT at the moment anyway, so I figured I'd update you guys on what I've been watching lately. Because why the hell not.

Snark Squad stuff
We're getting towards the pointy end of series 2 of Doctor Who, and I've finally finished recapping season 3 of Supernatural (although I'm way ahead of schedule on that one at the moment). It's been a while since we got a Dawson's Creek recap up, but we're somewhere in the middle of season 3 with that one too.

Friday Night Lights
I'm nearly done with season 5, but I've been putting off watching it because I'm not sure I want it to end... Although thankfully, it's on Netflix Australia when I inevitably feel the need to revisit Dillon.

Criminal Minds
I'm half way through season 5, and I'm LOVING it. Although it's been on the backburner over the past week because I really can't watch it when I'm home alone or I rapidly become convinced that I'm going to be murdered.

For some reason, when I put Criminal Minds on the backburner, I thought it would be a good idea to start rewatching Bones. And somehow, I'm already half way through season 2. I honestly don't know how this happened, but I'm so busy squeeing over Hodgins and Angela being adorable that I barely even notice the disgusting rotting corpses...

I watched the first episode on Friday night and really enjoyed it. But then I spent the weekend catching up on Snark Squad stuff, and I haven't gotten around to watching any more yet. SOON. Because the opening credits are totally awesome, and I love the little nods to the Marvel movies, and I'm just really intrigued to see how it pans out, even though I don't care that much about Matt Murdock.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
I've watched the first two episodes of this, and to be honest? I'm not sure about it. It definitely has its funny moments, but there's also been quite a bit of stuff that's squicked me out. I was never a huge fan of Ellie Kemper on The Office, which probably isn't helping. Because it sort of feels like an entire show about Erin, except not... I feel like I should give it a few more episodes before I decide, but at this point? I'm just not sure...

How To Get Away With Murder
I think I've seen the first four episodes of this?? I was watching it as it aired in Australia, and then I sort of...forgot about it. So now there are a bunch of episodes that I've missed and at least one is no longer on Channel 7's catch up TV site and I'm not sure if I care enough to keep watching?? Because I was enjoying it. But it also felt really repetitive, with the same shots of the bonfire in every single episode...

Brooklyn Nine Nine
Sweet baby Jesus, I am in love with this show. The first season is on Netflix Australia, and I basically marathoned the entire thing. It's absolutely glorious from start to finish. Two of the three female characters are Latina. Two of the four major male characters are African-American, and one of those two is also gay. None of the characters ever feels like a stereotype, with the possible exceptions of Scully and Hitchcock, who are very much the old school, slightly inept cops. But they're there for comic relief more than anything. And it's kind of great to have the middle aged white men be the stereotypes for a change!

Basically, Brooklyn Nine Nine is a gift and it's quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in years and I absolutely adore it and yes, I totally ship Jake and Amy. Because of reasons.

I really need to catch up on Castle and Elementary and Sleepy Hollow and Outlander and the current season of Supernatural. But there are only so many hours in the day, you know?

What are you watching at the moment? And should I keep watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

K xx


  1. I adored Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I did like it right away. I've read several reviews, though, where people said it took them a few episodes. There are some great guest stars coming up- one in particular who shows up toward the end of the season- and some really funny episodes. I think if you've seen the fifth episode, where Titus is making a music video, and still aren't into it you can call it quits.

    I feel the same way about HTGAWM. I wish I liked that show more than I do- Viola Davis is great in it and she really should be on something with better writing. But after five episodes I was just not invested enough in the characters and there was too much that didn't make sense.

  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best things ever.

  3. BONES! I loved the early seasons so so much! And I just started Kimmey Schmidt last night. It's cute. Not the OMG AMAZING that everyone has been saying, but I like it enough to keep going. Especially since they're only 1/2 hour episodes.

  4. Oh Bones, I love the early seasons of that show so much.
    I also watched the first two episodes of Kimmy but IDK but I do think I will keep watching as they are half hour episodes and sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a full hour episode.
    Your fangirling over Brooklyn Nine Nine has really made me want to check the show out but I don't know where to fit that into my schedule just yet so we will see.


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