Thursday, March 26, 2015

Museums and musical theatre

Previously, I saw the Mary Rose and then spent a ton of time on trains... 

The day after I got back from Portsmouth, I decided that it was about time I took myself to the British Museum. So I took the Tube to Holborn and then promptly got lost getting the whopping 500 metres from the Tube station to the museum.

It really shouldn't have been that difficult. There were sign posts pointing in the right direction, and I had Google Maps on my phone. AND YET. In the end, it took me the better part of half an hour and several "HOW IS THIS SO DIFFICULT WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???" moments to eventually get in the door.

Well done, Kirsti. Well done.

Eventually I got there, though, and promptly headed into see the Egyptian collections, because that's what you do at the British Museum, yes?

Unfortunately, everyone else who visits the British Museum has basically the same idea, so the Egyptian section was horribly crowded. I made my way pretty quickly to the Assyrian collection, then through the Greek and Roman sections.

By the time I'd done all of that, my feet were pretty sore and it was basically lunchtime, so I headed to the cafeteria for a nice sit down. After a couscous salad and a Portuguese custard tart, I pressed on. Because the problem with the British Museum is that there's always more to see.

I made my way through the old library, which is now dedicated to displays about discovery and object collection through history, and which was easily the highlight for me. I think it's because it was such an eclectic mish-mash of stuff. You could wander up to any showcase and have absolutely no idea what it would contain. The books certainly didn't hurt!

Then it was on through the South and Central American collections to see some of my favourite objects (which I used in a mock exhibition at university in 2008!) before heading upstairs to the Anglo Saxon collections, especially the Sutton Hoo objects.

Next stop was the Lewis Chessmen, then through the displays of clocks and money - both of which were oddly fascinating - before heading into some of the newer Egyptian stuff. By the time I got there, I'd realised that I was basically going through the motions and wasn't really paying all that much attention to what I was seeing.

So I checked out the gift shops (obviously), bought precisely nothing because I decided that I had enough bookmarks, and made my way back to the Tube station - WITHOUT getting lost this time around. I headed to one of the numerous Prets for a hot chocolate and a sit down, then caught the train across to London Bridge to wait for C at his office. The view wasn't too shabby:

When C finished work, we caught the train around to Leicester Square and headed to a random Italian restaurant for an early dinner. I had lasagne because I'll basically always choose pasta if given the option, while C had a FREAKING ENORMOUS pizza. I wasn't convinced he could eat the whole thing by himself, but he was determined to prove me wrong...

What a dork.

Dinner over, it was on to our activity for the evening: The Book of Mormon.

And let me tell you, it was the most freaking magical thing I have ever seen in my life. I laughed basically non-stop from the time the curtain went up. I laughed so hard I ended up with a headache. And it's entirely possible that we spent an hour watching bits of it on YouTube when we got home. I loved literally every single second of it, and I would go and see it again in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's coming to Melbourne any time soon, so I guess I'll just have to go back to London to see it again!

Next up, I head to Greenwich which contains a sad lack of Thor. 

K xx


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME day! I love museums. I'm such a nerd I want to know everything. And touch everything, which I've learned isn't appropriate. Also, so jealous. I want to see book of morman oh so bad!

  2. So, the picture of the skull thing with the numbers beneath it... I totally had to do a double take because I thought it was Ihmotep from The Mummy.

  3. I can't tell you th enumber of times I've gotten lost when I was close to the place I wanted to visit. This also happens at work fairly often when I have new clients I never visited before. I think it has all to do with my inability to see things through like playing minigolf. I'm pretty decent at getting through the obstacles but can't put the ball in the hole with 7 tries or more.

    That pizza looks so gooooood. I shouldn't have seen this at 9 am, damn it. Also, you are kind of the reason I'm thinking about seeing Book of Mormon when I'm in NY in September.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets lost like 100m from their destination...

    And YES. You should definitely see Book of Mormon!

  5. Haha, totally understandable! It was even freakier in person...

  6. Book of Mormon was freaking magical, and you should definitely see it when you get the chance!


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