Friday, March 20, 2015

Five days down...

I'm five days into the 12 Week Body Transformation, and so far? I'm kind of surprised about how easy it's been.

Which isn't to say that working out for an hour every day has been easy. I've sweated like a pig, and during today's yoga video, I spent a lot of time going "What in the how the hell did she just do oh dear God my shoulder hurts what do you mean I should breathe deeply I can't breathe at all because my damned boobs are in the way".

And sticking to the approved menu hasn't been easy. I haven't had chocolate since Sunday. I WENT THROUGH PMS WITHOUT CHOCOLATE, YOU GUYS. And I miss cheese. Like, so much. I think I'd murder someone for a toasted cheese sandwich right about now.

That said, the food has - for the most part - been really tasty and surprisingly filling given that it's calorie controlled. There've only been two recipes all week that I wouldn't bother to make again, which is a pretty damned good indication of things, right?

I even survived attending the book launch for Every Move - where Ellie Marney signed all three of my books and I totally forgot to take photos - without stuffing my face with cheese and crackers. Or drinking a litre of orange juice just because I could.

Tomorrow is my first Super Saturday, where I'm supposed to burn 1000+ calories, and I'm a LITTLE bit terrified. Because that is a crapton of calories, yo. BUT. Tomorrow night, I get to have a treat meal. A TREAT MEAL!!!! I may even lash out and use some of my 700 calorie treat meal on chocolate. Because obviously.

79 days to go...

K xx


  1. Good for you! I'm crossing my fingers it keeps being this 'easy' for you!

    Also, I'm jealous you got all your books signed, not that I have started the series until now but there is only book 1 available here at the moment so when I get hooked, it will be torture to wait. Also, amazon only has them in hardcover *scries*. Long ramble is long. For once it's Aussie ftw!

  2. Megan Is Way CoolMarch 20, 2015 at 9:16 PM

    I'll be honest, it's killing me in all of the ways. In it for the long haul here, but it's so time consuming!! (And I'm not sure I'm eating quite enough, seeing as I'm on my feet for most if the day)

  3. Yeah, I think if I was working full time, it would be a whole different kettle of fish. But hopefully getting into the habit of exercising and eating well every day NOW will make it easier to keep doing that when I *am* working full time!

  4. Good luck! I'm glad it's not too bad so far.

    How do you burn 1000 calories? I'm interested to know what that workout is.


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