Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TTT - Bookish Problems I Have

Another Tuesday already? Must be time to talk about books and link up with the Broke and the Bookish!

Today we're talking about bookish problems, and hoooooooooo boy do I have a lot of them! I'll stick to ten though...

1. Buying things on Kindle and then wanting a hard copy
What Rory said. Also, source.
Oh my God, this drives me nuts. Sometimes I'm excited enough about a book that I don't want to wait for my library to get it and the preorder is only like $5 on Kindle. Except then I fall in love with it like ten pages in, and it's pretty much the best thing ever and OH MY GOD WHY DON'T I HAVE A PHYSICAL COPY TO PUT ON MY SHELF WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

2. Waiting for sequels to come out
Exactly. Also, source.
There's nothing worse than getting the book you've been waiting on for a year and blitzing it because you just HAVE to know what happens, and then you get to the end and realise that you now have to wait forever and a day for the next book. And it's doubly bad when the release date then gets pushed back...
3. Awesome sounding books not getting published in Australia
I'll just move us closer, shall I? Also, source.
We have this whole ridiculous law in place that means it's really hard to import books. So if an Australian publisher doesn't pick something up or doesn't get the rights to something, it's stupidly hard to find here. This is especially the case with a lot of diverse YA books because there's APPARENTLY not the market for them. Sigh.
4. Non-matching books in a series
Thank you for this perfect demonstration, Hank Green. Also, source.
There's nothing worse than buying the next book in your favourite series and getting it home to discover that the publisher has made this book a centimetre higher than the others. Or that there's been a cover design. Or they've switched the author's name and the title around and IT JUST DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT.
5. Being interrupted when reading
Basically this. Also, source.
I'm getting better at this one because it happens ALL THE TIME when I'm on my lunch break at work, but still. BOOK. READING. WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.
6. My library only getting random books in a series
Yup. Also, source.
This drives me absolutely INSANE. I get how it happens - sometimes it's not obvious from the blurb that something's part of a series, or it's a request and so you only buy that one. But OH MY GOD IT IS SO ANNOYING. My library in particular has a tendency to start series from book 3. Sometimes another branch has book 1 or 2, but more often than not, they just have, like, books 3, 5, 8 and 10 and it is THE ACTUAL WORST. And it's stupid because of COURSE your circulation stats for those books are going to be crap, so there's no incentive to get the others and aaaaaaaaaaaaargh.
7. Insufficient time to read All the Things
One of these, please. Also, source.
Seriously. There need to be more hours in the day. Or, at the very least, an extra day every week where no one is expected to go anywhere or do anything, and you can just sit around in your PJs reading, drinking hot chocolate, and eating toasted sandwiches for every meal.
8. ARCs that are US only
Preach. Also, source.
9. Giveaways that are US only
Pretty much. Also, source.
WHY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I mean, I know that shipping is hella expensive to the arse end of the planet. And I know that sometimes the publisher dictates the terms of the giveaway. But the number of giveaways that I get excited about and then see "US only"? Makes me sad. Maybe sometimes use Book Depository rather than Amazon for your giveaways, yeah??
10. DNFing
You said it, Cowboy Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, source.
I am the actual worst at giving up on books I hate. I'll give up on a movie or a TV show pretty easily, and cancelling plans is like crack to me (#introvertproblems). But giving up on a book? Sorry, no can do. Especially if it's a book that a ton of my friends have praised to the heavens (Sorry, Ashlea...). So instead, I keep reading, either hating every second of it and ranting about it on Twitter, or riding the struggle bus for the duration because I'm just bored from start to finish. I've only DNFed 6 books since I signed up for Goodreads in 2011, and I was up to about page 200 with most of them. WHY. WHY CAN'T I DNF YOU, TERRIBLE BOOKS???

What's on your list?

K xx


  1. Your gifing skills are just PERFECTION. and that one for #3?! UM, YES. Basically when anything is US only I cry. And I hate it when books don't get published in Aus because then there's zero chance I'll get given them and either I have to library them or cry. I USUALLY CRY. Also shipping. Omg. Why is shipping so expensive?? Someone wants to break the hearts of bookworms.

  2. More hours because being a responsible adult (i.e. going to work so I have money to pay my bills and buy food) diminishes my reading time SO MUCH. I have a pile of like 10 books I got with a gift card from Christmas I haven't even started. And I keep seeing new stuff I want. Sigh.

  3. You know, I'm the same. I can never DNF a book. WHY MUST IT BE SO HARD??? And then I'll make excuses in my head.
    Also, NON MATCHING BOOKS ANNOY THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!! I guess it's an OCD thing, but then I'm weirdly okay with lending my books out. *shrug*
    I love this week's theme! Everyone's answers are so great!

  4. Lol at "cancelling plans is like crack to me (#introvertproblems)" - yes x50

  5. I hate it when I get excited about an ARC and the BOOM, only available to US readers. Argh, being an English reader outside the US is sometimes very difficult.
    I'm also terrible at DNFing because, maybe it gets better? Also, I absolutely hate not finishing things.

  6. Yes, this!


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