Thursday, February 12, 2015

From the Bronze Age to the Romans to the Georgians

Previously: I flew from Lisbon to London and struggle bussed my way to Portsmouth. 

Sara and I hit the road a little later than we'd planned, but we were still determined to cram as much into the day as we could. We started with an hour and a bit's drive up to Stonehenge, which proved to be frightfully expensive, but something of a must-see. The drive in was fairly horrific due to cheapskates who don't want to pay the entry fee (totally understandable) crawling past at snail pace to get a glimpse of the henge.

We skipped the information centre, and headed straight to the minibus out to the henge because we had far too much to pack into the day. Prehistoric archaeology was never really my thing, but I still loved it.

Although I could have done without the fact that it started raining when we were about half way around the henge. But, you know, that just meant we got to play "Spot the moronic tourist who wasn't expecting rain in England". And I also got to play a fun game called "Try to hold the SLR with both hands while also juggling an umbrella", which was interesting.

Eventually, the rain got too heavy and we gave up on the last couple of stops on the audio tour and made a mad dash back to the minibus. We did a quick trip through the (incredibly packed) gift shop without buying anything, then hit the road for Bath.

We got there in time for lunch, and decided that the only possible option when in Bath was a tea room. Somehow, this turned into us both getting tea and scones with a side order of chips. Because obviously...

After lunch, we did a quick wander through Bath Abbey before strolling up to the Royal Crescent, because that's basically what one must do when one is in Bath!

Our next stop was the Roman baths, because obviously. We used to go reeeeeeeeally regularly when we lived in the UK, but I hadn't been since 1998, so it was interesting to see how much the museum had developed and changed over the year, while the baths themselves were much the same as ever!

The audio tour now includes snippets from Bill Bryson, which is a rather random but not unwelcome addition.

After a couple of hours at the baths, we'd exhausted pretty much every possibility. We stopped on the way out to taste the water - metallic and kind of sulphur-y and generally a bit gross - then detoured via the gift shop. We wandered back towards the car, and decided that we needed a snack to get us back to Portsmouth. So we stopped off at Shakeaway for a milkshake. It was the last day of the summer menu, so I figured I may as well make the most of it, and got a Deckchair Donna, which had Oreos and Peppermint Aero in it. And it was freaking delicious.

Milkshakes procured, we hit the road and headed straight back to Portsmouth. We thought about going out for dinner, but it was too much like hard work. So we thawed out some curry from the freezer, and settled in to spend the night watching North and South. Because obviously.


K xx


  1. I can't believe you had a Shakeaway! I miss having those (we used to have one in Bristol, too!)

  2. I live there... Wow, it's so weird to see it from another person's perspective (lovely though). Did you visit Avebury? Most people agree that it's actually a much better site than Stonehenge. There are miles and miles of rocks to gap at, if you like that kinda thing.
    Also, fun fact: I split my lip rolling down one of the fills at Stonehenge when I was 3. My mum refused to take me again.
    Hope you had a lovely time!
    Beth x

  3. Wow it is SO strange seeing all these photos of places I've been as a tourist myself! It rained HEAPS while I was at Stonehenge too and it got all dark and it was was rather atmospheric! But we spent AGES there in the rain and then ate chips in the car to warm up. (And look! You had chips too!) And I loved the Baths. They were VERRRRRY interesting! So great to see more pics of them again and I'm gad you enjoyed yourself!!!

  4. I LOOOOOOVED going to Avesbury!!! It was so awesome! I felt so inspired and mystified and then I just went and read more Maggie Stiefvater books. XD But I love all the theories and the recent discoveries they are making around the area and all that jazz. ^_^

  5. I've never had the travelling bug, but I LOVE seeing photos from everyone elses holidays. I'm such a busy body. Henge, gosh you'd feel pretty insignificant standing next to that wouldn't you. The formations are just incredible! The Roman Baths, I know I'm not well travelled, but are they just a tourist attraction or do people actually get in that water? The person in the second last photo on the mobile phone looks a little sinister. Probably calling security when you tried to get your gear off to bathe in there :D

    Thanks for sharing Kirsti, can't wait to see the HP tour! <3

  6. Scones and chips, never thought about that combo but now I want both.


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