Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We need diverse books

I mentioned yesterday that I was planning an entire reading project this year. And that project is pretty simple: in 2014, I read a truly disappointing number of diverse books. In 2015, I want to rectify that. There are thousands and thousands of diverse books out there, and they deserve the chance to be read and be talked about.

There are audiences out there who desperately want diverse books, who don't want to see the same old white girl trying to decide between two white boys love triangle that seems to have become such a tried and true method of storytelling over the past few years, particularly in YA. And for those of us who see ourselves in the never-ending stream of middle class white girl narrators? Well, taking a walk in someone else's shoes and learning something new about the world and just how much privilege we have is always a good idea.

So this year, I'm doing a little project on Youtube. I'm going to read 50 books with diverse narrators, and vlog about a different one each week. Add in a week each for introducing and wrapping up the project, and you've got yourself a year. How convenient!

Any book suggestions are welcome, as long as they have diverse narrators!!

Seriously, though. I need suggestions. Kthxbai.

Are you doing any book challenges this year?

K xx


  1. Have you ever read "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry? It's one of my favourites of all time. Terribly sad but so, so beautiful. Definitely not a white girl love triangle!


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