Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TTT - Books that weren't what I thought they'd be

Another Tuesday already? Must be time to talk about books and link up with the Broke and the Bookish!

It's a freebie topic this week, and after reading a few books in recent weeks that really weren't what I thought they were going to be, I figured I'd talk about ten books that I had totally wrong in my head. 

1. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Thanks to Hollywood, the story seems to be all mad scientist and limping lab assistant and lightning and IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE-y. When really, the book couldn't really get any further away from that.  Yes, Victor Frankenstein builds a monster out of bits of dead people. But the minute his creation comes to life, he's horrified and disgusted by what he's done. Similarly, the monster that he creates isn't a shambling green skinned mess, but an articulate creation who just wanted to be loved and, left to fend for himself, turned instead to anger. Which led to hate. Which led suffering. Which led to the dark side. Wait, what? 

2. Shadow & Bone - Leigh Bardugo
I have literally no idea why, but I'd always thought the Grisha series was about dragons. I honestly can't explain it. I'm pretty sure I read the blurb for this book once or twice. I'd definitely seen friends reviewing it. Not one of them mentioned dragons in any way, shape or form. And yet, when I started reading it a week or so ago, I was like "Wait, isn't this a dragon book? Why aren't there dragons? I'm SURE there were dragons." Nope. 

3. The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch
This one I'm blaming entirely on the title. I knew this was a book about a bunch of thieves. And I knew the name "Gentlemen Bastards" was involved somewhere, because that's the name of the series. But courtesy of the title - EVEN THOUGH IT'S SPELLED DIFFERENTLY - I somehow ended up under the impression that this was set in Scotland. Add in thieves and gentleman bastards, and I kind of assumed it would be an action packed story about whisky smuggling and ruining the reputations of young ladies in the late eighteen century. Seriously, you guys, my brain is odd. 

4. Pointe - Brandy Colbert
I blame the cover for this one. I was expecting a ballet book. I think I must have only read the first two sentences of the blurb, because I remember that I was expecting her to have an eating disorder and I was definitely expecting ballet. The thriller side of things? That was a little unexpected.

5. Chocolat - Joanne Harris
The movie is 150,000% responsible for this one. I anticipated a story set in the 1950s. And I expected the local count to be the villain. Instead, I got a story that was largely timeless right up to the point where someone started playing with an iPod or brought a bottle of 1989 wine to dinner, and a story where the characters of the priest and the count were one in the same. 

6. Side Effects May Vary - Julie Murphy
Comparisons are a freaking nightmare, you guys. This was billed time and time again as being just like The Fault in Our Stars. Instead, I got a really angry teenage girl who didn't know what to do with her life when she DIDN'T die, and a total doormat of a male lead who followed her around like a sad puppy. And the desire to throw the book at the wall. 

7. The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
I expected a sci-fi thriller filled with killer plants from outer space. Instead, I got killer plants that were created by the Soviets and a "meteor" that was probably actually a Soviet weapon that sent everybody blind and allowed the killer plants to do their thing. And that, my friends, is much more terrifying than killer plants from outer space. 

8. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
This was the first classic book that I ever read, and based on the cover I was expecting to be bored shitless for a million pages. I only read it because we were studying it in English, really. But what I got was anything but boring. And I DEFINITELY wasn't expecting a mad woman in the attic. 

9. The Lost World - Michael Crichton
I saw the (truly terrible) movie version of this well before I read the books, so I was expecting much of the same - T. rex rampaging through San Diego blah blah blah. Instead, I got a book that was filled with dino-riffic violence and thrills, and discovered that the strangely placed child character in the film was, in fact, two characters in the book. Which made far more sense. Considering Spielberg apparently pressured Crichton into writing a sequel so that he could make a movie of it, the crappiness of the movie version makes even less sense. 

10. All The Truth That's In Me - Julie Berry
Don't ask me how, because a bunch of people I know have reviewed this, but I had no idea it was historical fiction. I thought it was a contemporary novel. I don't know why. If anything, the cover screams 1970s to me. But definitely not colonial America. That part was unexpected... 

So. What are some books that haven't been what you were expecting? And please tell me you expected something similar if you've read any of these??????? 

K xx


  1. I had the same expectations with Frankenstein and I haven't even watched a Frankenstein movie! I thought Frankenstein was the monster's name...also, jane eyre. Like you, I thought it was gonna be boring but boy was the plot unexpected! Great list!!!

  2. I love Jane Eyre, but yeah I didn't expect to like it either. :)

    One book that really surprised me was Thirteen Reasons Why. I just wasn't expecting how that book unfolded.

    Thanks for sharing. here's mine

  3. That's a great idea for a topic! I've had some of those recently where they weren't quite what I'd thought they were going to be. And a lot of times those were books I was afraid I wouldn't like but then really did because they weren't what I'd expected. Great post!

    out my Top 10

  4. I always try to read the book first before I watch a movie but it isn't always working out that way. And sometimes our brains are just so weird. I can't think of an example right now but I know I have expected certain things of a book, not sure why or how but then it was completely different. So weird.

  5. Erk, I definitely agree about Side Effects (omg, hated that one) and Frankenstein. I was SO shocked when I read Frankenstein because I actually thought it was the name of the monster, but noooo, it's Victor Frankenstein the doctor. -_- I am deluded.

  6. I have yet to read Frankenstein, mainly because what I'd heard of it, Hollywood style, just sounded kind of uninteresting. The way you put it makes it seem like a much more fascinating read!


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