Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time for a change

A few months ago, I decided that I was sick of my bookshelf. So I decided that I'd get a new one. Somehow, that snowballed into the realisation that I could also get a new chest of drawers and a new desk and have my room look totally different.

So not long before New Year's, I trekked down to Ikea and spent a small fortune on flatpack furniture. The desk I wanted wasn't in stock, so I came home without it and proceeded to stalk the Ikea website waiting for it to come back in. Except then somewhere along the way, I realised that I hadn't really used my desk in years. Sure, I sat at it from time to time, but mostly it was a dumping ground for things that didn't really have a place. So what the hell was the point in paying $450 for a desk that I was barely going to use? 

Instead, I ended up getting another (smaller) bookshelf and a big comfy chair. Which, of course, Ikea didn't have in stock on the day I went down there. Today, though? Today they had that damned chair in stock, and my room is FINALLY finished. 

Sure, it wasn't exactly cheap. But it didn't break the bank and still cost me $130 less than it would have if I'd bought the desk, so...there's that. 


Terrible phone photo taken standing on my bed at 12.25am. Desk = dumping ground

Prior to getting the third unit, rearranging things 100 times and buying storage boxes

There's now a little more stuff on the top

I think the chair might need a cushion of some description...

So. There you have it. Weirdly, considering it's got MORE pieces of furniture in it than it did previously, my room feels bigger now. Which is exciting.

I still need to rearrange all the stuff on the walls because it's now all at weird heights, but that's pretty straightforward!

Super important question: should I get a cushion for the chair, and what colour should it be?

K xx


  1. The room is looking great, I can't wait to get more Billy bookshelves from Ikea for my beauty room as I think it would make things look so much neater. I love the look of that chair, maybe a printed cushion would look nice on it?

  2. It looks so good! I know I need to make some improvements in my room too. More storage space, more bookshelves, etc.

  3. Is it bad that I know what the chest of drawers is called or better yet I know almost all the names of the furniture you bought. #IKEAaddict

    Yes to a cushion but don't ask me for colours. I recently got new striped pillow cases for my sofa (obvi from IKEA).

  4. It looks great! I've started the redecorating process with my bedroom, but I'm gonna be moving again in a couple of months, so I've sort of put it on hold. But a new bookshelf and a chair will be in order when I get to the new place.

    I say yes to a cushion, as for the colors, it really depends on what the color scheme of the rest of your room is. I'd pick something that matches or accents your bedding. :)

  5. Lovely! I'd say, (based on the colour of your other furniture) either a white or a lighter blue cushion would go well, but it depends on what colours schemes you like for the room and yeah a patterned cushion would look nice I reckon. :D

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, maybe blue and white chevrons!!

  7. Yeah, moving definitely puts that kind of stuff on hold. Which sucks because it's FAR more exciting than moving!

  8. Damn. I should have thought to look for pillows at Ikea!

  9. It's AMAZING how much difference it made exchanging a standard bookshelf for this one. (Or, technically, these ONES...)

  10. Yeah, I think if I get a cushion, it'll need some kind of print so that it doesn't just blend into the background. Maybe chevrons...

  11. Very pretty. I would say white cushion with greenish-blue accents to match the picture right above. And possibly a footstool.

  12. Yes, they have SO FREAKING MANY!


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