Friday, January 23, 2015

Did you just call me a ho?

With Charmed season 7, we progress to the stuff that I hadn't actually seen before. We also progress to a less than stellar era of the show, but we still get some hilariously awesome guest stars, so...there's that. My thoughts are shorter than usual this time around, probably because at least half of my thoughts were just flailing over the guest stars...

Why does HMC look like an afterthought?? Source
ONWARDS WITH MY THOUGHTS (which are from May, so there's every possibility that Present!Kirsti has no idea what the hell Past!Kirsti was talking about...)

  • This floaty ghost head is like a cross between Voldemort and Slimer. 
  • OH. MY. GOD. Did Charisma Carpenter guest star in EVERYTHING?! 
  • ...................the Angel of Death is bitching about working overtime. 
  • Charisma's character is a total sass explosion who gets premonitions. Apparently she's still playing Cordelia Chase.
  • Seriously, I can't take Agent Brody seriously because he's Jack from Dawson's Creek.
  • Leo, dude. Remove the knife from Piper's stomach and THEN heal her. 
  • I wonder if the real reason that they got rid of Phoebe's active powers is because they ran out of money to make her levitate. 
  • No, but seriously. Why the hell would they even let Agent Brody in the house?! 
  • Bahaha, the Avatars basically have touchscreens ten years ahead of schedule. 
  • Billy Zane is singing. What the eff. 
  • Paige: "Okay, hi. I'm wearing lip gloss. Do I LOOK homeless??". Don't be judgey, Paige. Homeless people are allowed to care about their appearances too. 
  • Why the hell do all the scenes with the Elders suddenly take place on top of the Golden Gate Bridge?
  • Did we HAVE to have a close up of Piper sewing up Leo's shoulder? Gross. 
  • Oh no. Did they just give us an "into every generation, a girl is born" storyline for Pandora's Box? Ugh, they totally did. 
She's even blonde. Source.
  • Pretty sure Phoebe's love interest guy just got killed by the demon version of Wolverine...
  • Are they seriously faking their deaths? WHY. WHY IS THIS PLOT A GOOD IDEA? I ALREADY HATE IT. 

Guest stars from this season who should have known better: Nick Lachey, Charisma Carpenter, Kerr Smith, Billy Zane, TJ Thyne, Oded Fehr, Sebastian Roche, Seamus Deaver, Jon Hamm, David Anders.

Two questions, friends. 1. Are you as astonished over some of those guest stars as I am? (JON HAMM???), and 2. Any suggestions for what show I should watch and have a lot of thoughts about next? 

K xx



  2. Omg, this is beautiful. THOSE BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS THO. And also ghost toilet paper....that is marvellous. But can I call you Costy now? PUH-LEASE.

  3. Oh wow, I totally missed that Charisma was on the show! I watched Buffy long after I watched Charmed, and I don't really recall that much about the last two seasons of Charmed, I'm still not sure whether I've even seen the very ending of Charmed, but I really used to love the show when I was younger.

  4. Haha the Jon Hamm one is definitely unexpected. I don't think I ever saw up to S7 so thanks for the recap as now I won't need to!

  5. Lovely pictures! And that ghosty toilet paper... just wow. ;) Hope you enjoy/ed the rest of your trip!


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