Friday, January 9, 2015

Dessert Day - the "what the eff, Jamie Oliver?" edition

Over the past couple of years, it's become a little bit of a tradition that Deidre and I get together, possibly bake something, meet up with Inspector Climate, go to a 6pm-ish movie, and are all back at our respective homes by like 9.30pm. Which is FABULOUS, because it means you're busy on New Year's Eve, but don't have to spend a million years at a party socialising with people you're not particularly interested in socialising with. You can go to bed at 10pm if you want, or you can ring in the new year sitting on the sofa in your PJs and watching Jurassic Park for the five hundredth time. In short, it's the best New Year's Eve of ever.


We decided to do Dessert Day pretty much at the last minute and so had almost zero ideas of what we wanted to make. Eventually, I remembered the salted caramel brownies that I'd had in London and decided that sounded like just the thing. So I trawled the internet for recipes and came up with this one from Jamie Oliver.

And let me tell you, there were a few things that made almost zero sense to us.
1. Crinkling up the baking paper and wetting it. Pretty sure it made no difference whatsoever...
2. The whole not stirring thing. Golden syrup is really thick and it's pretty hard to swirl it.
3. The size of the baking tins involved. They both seemed much larger than was entirely necessary.


Post-baking. Definitely didn't look like the picture...

On the plus side, they were delicious
 In between baking, we watched Pitch Perfect and ate far too much roast pumpkin dip and fancy cheese (using the cheese cleaver, obviously. It's not Dessert Day without the cheese cleaver).

And while the brownies were delicious, there were a few things that we decided we'd do differently in the future:
1. Make more salted caramel. This quantity seemed insufficient.
2. Use a smaller pan so that it's easier to hide the chunks of caramel in the brownie.
3. Freeze half the caramel, cut it into chunks, and bury the chunks in the brownie. Much easier than dealing with sticky spoonfuls.
4. Pour some of the caramel over the top AFTER they've been baked so that it doesn't all get absorbed into the surface of the brownie.

Still, they were delicious whether warm or cold, and the combination of salted caramel and suuuuper dark chocolate was fairly phenomenal. So on the whole, I'd call them a win. Just not as much of a win as they could have been with a few alterations.

And then we went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. I'd recommend the brownies way before I recommended the movie. It was...not great. But, you know, there was a battle pig, so that's something!

Have you made salted caramel brownies? Which recipe did you use? And did it involve scrunching up and wetting the baking paper?? Because that still seems weird...

K xx


  1. Like always, this sounds delicious! And I'll finally be watching the last Hobbit movie on Sunday afternnon. Bestfriendboy and I have our own tradition that has the benefit of having us busy on NYE. He always plays a concert at 7.30 pm and we have a late, late dinner afterwards, ring in the new year together and then I leave at some time. It's pretty great even though the whole cooking thing took us exceptioanlly long this time around. And this whole thing means always having a plan on NYE no matter what invitations one gets. So, I hear ya!

  2. *drools all over the place* THESE SOUND (and look!) DELICIOUS. I have never had these kinds of brownies before. I think I've only had average brownies...oh, except for once when my mum made prune and chocolate chunk brownies and they were ridiculously delish.
    My family is off to see Hobbit 3 next week. I...I am skipping. >.> A 3-hour long battle scene doesn't appeal at all. *sigh*

  3. I went and checked my copy of The Hobbit when I got home, and the stuff that was covered in the third movie was literally 75 pages. And only about 10 pages of that was the actual battle. Tolkien really wasn't great at writing battle scenes, so it's basically the start of the battle and then Bilbo getting knocked out and waking up to find that it's over.

  4. That sounds like a fun New Year's. And I need to know what you thought of the movie immediately, dammit!!

  5. Ugh, the movie. It was Sunday afternoon and I fell asleep during the first half. After break I stayed awake but it was utterly stupid. I love the LoTR movies but I don't see myself much rewatching the Hobbit trilogy in the future.
    I thought the battle was stupid and everything was so drawn out because obviously. The forced love triangle could have stayed where it came from though I was of course happy to see Tauriel because she is pretty and there were too many dudes in the movie.

    Umm, I think this basically sums up my feelings on the movie.


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