Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best of 2014 - Music edition

I've covered off books, movies, and TV shows, so now it's time to talk about the best music I've discovered in 2014!

I probably say this every year, but I'm not really much of a music person. I can't stand the radio 99% of the time, and I basically only listen to music when I'm on public transport and want to block out the world. Still, there are a number of stand-out songs and albums for me this year.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space and Shake It Off

One of these days, I'll get enough iTunes credit to download the whole of 1989, but for now I've been obsessed with these two songs for the past few months. They're both absolutely amazing, and I'm kind of astonished (as are, it seems, many others) to find myself a big fan of Taylor Swift and the growth she seems to have undergone this year. And nothing shows this growth more strongly that songs like Blank Space.

Original Broadway Cast - The Book of Mormon Soundtrack

Eventually, I'll get around to telling you guys about the rest of my trip. For now, I'll simply say that C and I went to see Book of Mormon, and it was absolutely amazing from start to finish and the soundtrack never fails to make me ridiculously happy. Also, I'm kind of proud of my new life skill - listening to Book of Mormon on public transport with a total poker face.

The Basics - The Lucky Country

Technically, I heard them perform this song live last year, but it wasn't released until late this year, and it's pretty damned spectacular. It's a return to the great Aussie protest songs brought out by the likes of Paul Kelly and Midnight Oil, and I'm so glad I can finally listen to it over and over again.

Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye

Excuse me while I ugly cry forever. I have yet to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, simply because it doesn't come out in Australia until Boxing Day. But I LOVE that they got Billy Boyd to sing the song for the end credits. Because Billy Boyd singing in Return of the King is such a huge part of what I love about that movie, and so it adds a nice sense of having come full circle to include him in the final part of The Hobbit, especially seeing as the video includes footage from all six films and behind the scenes.

Original Soundtrack - Guardians of the Galaxy

Seriously, there are no words for how much I adore this soundtrack. It's absolutely fabulous from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend.

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

I know, I'm late to the party on this one. But I've heard it A LOT this year at the gym, and it just keeps growing on me to the point where I finally downloaded it and listen to it on an endless loop because it's just so stinking good.

What songs/bands/musicians have you discovered this year?

Merry Christmas, y'all. I'll be back on the 29th with my Worst of 2014.

K xx


  1. Agreed on the TSwift songs. I only downloaded her album recently and am OBSESSED with it (she said while playing Shake It Off to pump herself up from family Christmas).

  2. I got T Swizzle's latest album for Christmas and OMG ME AND MY FAMILY ARE GOING TO SEE THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES!!! ARGHHHH I actually have cried so much listening to The Last Goodbye! Thanks for the post! I'm going to go watch Return of the King now and marathon the rest of The Hobbit in time to see TBOFA tomorrow or the next day...or the day after. BUT SOON I SHALL SEE THE PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

  3. Which is your favorite song on the 'GotG' soundtrack, though? For me, it's "Cherry Bomb."

  4. oh I love Fall Out Boy. XD I haven't been listening to much music lately but I'm a million percent impressed with Taylor Swift's album! AND OH MOCKINGJAY SOUNDTRACK. The Hanging Tree (oops, I sound morbid) is like my favourite song ever. Jennifer Lawrence sings it soooo low though. But I love that song.

  5. I still haven't seen Mockingjay. I'm a terrible fan. The exact same thing happened with Catching Fire though - I was super excited about it, and then I just...forgot to go to the movies. Whoops.

  6. I'm torn between Go All The Way and Come And Get Your Love... But Cherry Bomb is definitely up there too!

  7. Seriously, I can't watch the video for The Last Goodbye without crying over the behind the scenes stuff. It just...gaaaaaah!

  8. Shake It Off is the best happy pump up music. Blank Space is for when you want to leave the house feeling like a warrior queen en route to battle.

  9. Truer words, my friend, truer words!


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