Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TTT - Secondary Characters Who Need Their Own Books

It's time to link up with the Broke and the Bookish again!

This week's topic is secondary characters who need their own books, and OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY. So many fabulous characters who I desperately want to know the stories behind. SO. MANY. 

I think you get the idea. 

1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling)
What I want here is oddly specific. I want a book about Hermione's seventh year at Hogwarts, the year when Ron and Harry weren't there and she actually got to study and form friendships and all the rest of it without being one of the Golden Trio. Basically, I want to see Hermione being a character in her own right. 

2. Reagan (Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell)
There are literally no words for how much I adore Reagan. She's sassy and confident and fabulous. And OH MY GOD I WANT HER TO NARRATE AN ENTIRE BOOK. So much. So, so much.

3. Calliope Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins)
Okay, so this is another one that's weirdly specific. Basically, I want a book in which Calliope goes to the Winter Olympics and meets a hot snowboarder, and she's all "NO. THIS IS HORRIBLY INCONVENIENT BECAUSE I NEED TO WIN OLYMPIC GOLD" and he's all "Just go with the flow, yo" and she's all snippy and then he helps her relax enough that she doesn't choke up and she wins and they fall in love and squees happen. 

4. Chaol (Throne of Glass series - Sarah J. Maas)
I feel a little bit like this one's cheating, seeing as chunks of Heir of Fire were from his perspective. But I mean, seriously. He's Captain of the Guard and he's in his early 20s. WE NEED TO KNOW THAT STORY, DAMMIT. 

5. Magwitch (Great Expectations - Charles Dickens)
I really want to know about the stuff that happens in between Magwitch meeting Pip in the graveyard and Magwitch becoming Pip's insanely rich benefactor. But, like, written by Dickens. I'm sure someone's probably written this story. But it wouldn't be anywhere near as magical as it would be if it was written by Dickens. 

6. Monty Overbove (Wilfair series - Alysia Gray Painter)
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Fair and Gomery and everything about them. I ship it forever and ever and ever. But I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want a book from Monty's perspective in which he gets to make movies and generally be the next big thing in Hollywood. (Ahem, Alysia? Feel free to write this for me at any time. Kthxbai)

7. Bertha Rochester (Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte)
Okay, I know that Wide Sargasso Sea is a thing. But much like the Magwitch entry on this list, I want the story written by Bronte, not by Jean Rhys. 

8. Curran Lennart (Kate Daniels series - Ilona Andrews)
I love the crap out of Curran, and I really want a detailed version of his backstory. I want all the backstory. ALL. OF. IT. And yes, I know that there are a couple of, like, 20 page ebooks filled with a series of scenes from Curran's point of view. IT'S NOT ENOUGH. 

9. Cheery Littlebottom (Discworld series - Terry Pratchett)
Look, I just really want a dwarf-narrated book, and Cheery would be pretty damned magical. Especially given that she's one of the first openly female dwarves. Oh yes. 

10. Abby (Pushing the Limits series - Katie McGarry)
Seriously, how do we not have a book about Abby yet?? She's been floating around in the background for most of the series now, and she's a pretty great character. Surely it's time that she gets her own book, right?? 

What's on your list?

K xx


  1. Yes to Hermione, oh GOD YES! I'd really love to read that book! And even as I'm not the biggest Dickens fan, I really did wonder how the guy in GE suddenly became so rich. I have an idea how it happened but that's not the same as a canon story. And Reagen, yes, good call!

  2. Great list! I love, love, love the idea of a book from Hermione's POV during that 7th year! Think we could start a petition for JK to write it? ;) Here's my TTT. Happy reading!

  3. Reagan would make for a good narrator. Great list. My TTT

  4. I like your idea for a Hermione book! I always wanted to know more about Hermione's pre-Hogwarts life and parents. Since her parents are Muggles and presumably had no idea about Hogwarts and the world of witchcraft and wizardry, I've wondered about what it was like for her to discover that she was a witch.

    I liked Reagan in Fangirl a lot, too. She seemed like someone I'd want to hang out with.

  5. YESS OMG YESSSS. That's exactly what I'm saying about Chaol too. (Plus I want to know how he's Captain of the Guard but never killed anyone until the end of ToG. o.O And also how the heck he got into that position and whyyyy does he hate his father so much? CHAOL. HE NEEDS A BOOK.)

    Calliope Bell. YES. I never thought I needed a book by her until you said that!

  6. OMG Hermione finding out she is a witch would be the best most amazing book ever! I NEED THAT TO HAPPEN NOW!!!!


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