Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You've been drafted in the Skeleton War

Yes, I know that title will make very little sense to non-Tumblr people. Whatever.

So Australia doesn't really do Halloween, as I discussed in (slightly ranty) detail last year. But when Anna tagged me in her Halloween questions tag, I couldn't resist despite the fact that I only had a handful of years from which to answer the questions.

And besides, I didn't make a vlog in September, so it seemed only natural that I make two in October!

I apologise about the rubbish lighting through most of this. I totally forgot that there was a window behind me. This is what happens when you go to film a vlog and discover that your tripod is broken...

You're next, Sweeney, Katherine and Emmy!

Which is scarier: vampires or werewolves? I still can't properly decide...

K xx


  1. Okay, old post is old but I just saw the thumbnail of the Rekorderlig adn flailed a bit because SWEDEN and I LOVE that cider. There was a special summer edition when I was in Sweden with Kiwi and strawberries, BEST omg I loved that so much. Damn, now I want a Rekorderlig at 8:30 am while at work. Good pive choices, I clearly make them.

  2. You had to bring up the skeleton war!

  3. Scream is more funny than scary, I think. Its whole point is that it's a horror movie that makes fun of horror movies.


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