Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TTT - Characters I Would Want to be for Halloween

It's time to link up with the Broke and the Bookish again!

As I've said time and time again, Australia doesn't really do Halloween. It doesn't get dark until 8pm and everything's green, so it's hard to pretend things are spooky and mysterious and harvest-time-y. Plus, we're really lazy when it comes to costumes of any sort. Essentially, if it requires going out to buy anything in order to make said costume possible? We're on the Nope Train. 

That said, there are some seriously badass characters that I'd dress up as for Halloween. You know, if it took, like, no effort at all... 

1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling)
I wouldn't even have to try on the hair front. I could just wash my hair, let it dry by itself, and have Hermione hair without any effort! Plus, she's an absolutely phenomenal character and I adore her. 

2. Natasha Romanova/Romanoff (Marvel Comics - Stan Lee et al)
She's a comic book character, so it totally counts as a valid choice. Although to be honest, I'd probably dress up as on-the-run-from-Hydra Natasha in Captain America: The Winter Soldier because it requires less effort. Like I said, lazy. 

3. Celaena Sardothian (Throne of Glass series - Sarah J. Maas)
I don't think you can get much more badass than a mysterious teenage assassin who also happens to be a long lost self-rescuing princess. 

4. Kate Daniels (Kate Daniels series - Ilona Andrews)
The only way you can get more badass than a mysterious teenage assassin is by looking to Kate Daniels, who kicks butt and takes names and has an attack poodle and FIGHTS WITH A SABRE THAT EATS UNDEAD FLESH. Awesomeness. 

5. Fair Finley (Wilfair series - Alysia Gray Painter)
Fair's not a badass in the same way the other characters are, but she does a lot of discovering-who-she-is stuff over the course of the series and comes out the other side stronger and more confident. And I could use that right about now. 

6. Alexia Tarabotti (Parasol Protectorate series - Gail Carriger)
Alexia is a totally no-nonsense character and I love everything about her. And if it weren't for all the effort it required, a steampunk costume would be totally amazing. 

7. Lirael (Abhorsen trilogy - Garth Nix)
What can I say, she's a librarian. And an Abhorsen. That's a pretty fabulous combination. 

8. Granny Weatherwax (Discworld series - Terry Pratchett)
I hope to be Granny Weatherwax when I'm old, and spend my time teaching everyone that old ladies should not be taken at face value. Dressing as her for Halloween would just be a head start on that process.

9. Cather Avery (Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell)
Admittedly, my fangirly t-shirts wouldn't be Simon Snow themed, but I relate to Cath a lot, and so it seems appropriate (and lazy because it wouldn't take much effort. SCORE!) to dress as her for Halloween. 

10. Admiral Jane Roland (Temeraire series - Naomi Novak)
She's kind of a minor character, and is practically non-existent in the second half of the series but how could you not want to dress up as a woman who commands a heavy-weight dragon in the Napoleonic Wars? Sure, no one would know who I was, but I'd get to wear a hella awesome coat, so who really cares?! 

Which characters would you dress as for Halloween? 

K xx


  1. I could definitely have Hermione's hair without trying too much! A perfectly easy character to dress up as! :-)

  2. Lol, always love a good Hermione costume! :) My mum made me a cape just like the movies when I was 11. :)

  3. Good choices. Aside from the hair colour, I have Hermione down on the hair front as well.


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