Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stuff and things

Thing the first
I realised last night that I am a terrible blog parent. My little corner of the internets turned FIVE on 9th October, and I completely and utterly forgot about it. Whoops? Let's have a little dance party to celebrate, shall we?

Thing the second
I'm doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November and I'm kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of terrified about it. So feel free to send me "HAVE YOU WRITTEN YOUR 1,666 WORDS TODAY??" messages at regular intervals during November to keep me on track. Also, as a result of this, blog posts may be somewhat light on the ground. But I'll still be over on Snark Squad a million times a week recapping Supernatural and Dawson's Creek and Doctor Who!

Thing the third
Marvel have released the line up for Phase 3 and I'm alternating between screaming with excitement and emailing Kim to ask her to please explain what I'm screaming with excitement about. But seriously, BLACK PANTHER AND CAPTAIN MARVEL OMFG!!!!!

Thing the fourth
Have you SEEN the Age of Ultron bonus scene that was released? I CANNOT STOP GIGGLING.
Steve, what are you doing?? Also, source.
Thing the fifth
I got a text message from C at 3.45am that said "WHO THE FUCK RUINS DELICIOUS MAC N CHEESE WITH FUCKING CAULIFLOWER?!?!?!?!?!?!". Needless to say, he has strong feelings about cauliflower. And a tendency to forget the time difference.

Thing the sixth
The Basics have released a single from their new album, The Lucky Country, and it's absolutely PHENOMENAL. I saw them perform it live last year - I think it was about the second or third song they played - and that was the moment where I went "Holy crap, I love this band".

Thing the seventh
Little Miss A is insisting that I have to dress up to go trick or treating with her on Friday night. I'm pretty sure I'm going to let my hair dry by itself and claim I'm Hermione Granger. Because that takes the least possible amount of effort.

Thing the eighth
I really want this desk.
What's new with you guys?

K xx


  1. Yay NaNoWriMo. It was easier than I thought. My aim was to write 2000 words a day so that I had a cushion when there would be a bad day or I just wouldn't get as far as I had planned. And I finished my 50,000 words with 4 days to spare so I'm sure you will be fine.

    That desk, I have looked at it a lot of times but it also doesn't go with any of my other furniture. I'm currently (and will be for a long time) wanting to refurnish my living room. I just can't justify doing it to myself.

  2. I'm doing NaNo too. New Adult. What genre are you writing in?

  3. YAY NaNo! Good luck! And ha ha, that is a very nice desk. XD and also congrats on your 5 year blogsiversary!

  4. But cauliflower is delicious...and it goes so well with cheese.

  5. I KNOW. Although I'm not sure macaroni AND cauliflower is necessary. One or the other, yes. Both? Dunno.


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