Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apparently I get cranky when I'm hungry

Previously: I went to the Tower of London and the parentals arrived, albeit 14 hours later than planned.

The following morning, we were up and out the door bright and early and heading back to Heathrow. We'd arrived at Earl's Court in the dark the previous night, so I was rather surprised to see a blue police box outside the station the following morning. And obviously, this happened more or less immediately:

Just after Mum took my photo, a girl approached us and asked a little sheepishly if we could take her photo too. When I complimented her University of Gallifrey hoodie, she promptly pulled it up to show me her Madman With a Box t-shirt. I strongly suspect she was on some kind of Doctor Who pilgrimage...

The plane ride was uneventful, unless you count the fact that apparently no one in Portugal has hips because the seats were reeeeeeeeally narrow. In a very foolish move, I decided that rather than go to the loo on the plane shortly before landing, I'd wait until we got into the terminal. Except then there turned out to be NO BATHROOMS before passport control and a queue that lasted over an hour. So obviously, I was nearly dying before we got through to baggage claim.

Having landed at about 2.30, we didn't end up getting to the apartment we'd booked on AirBnB until about 4.45, which was fairly painful. We headed to the supermarket to stock up on essentials like beer, wine and chocolate mousse (also more sensible things like breakfast cereal), and then settled in to wait for C to arrive. When he said that his plane had been delayed by an hour or so, we decided to go for drinks at a nearby look out, which had a better than okay view:

Once the sun had set, we decided that we should probably get some dinner. We'd had to walk past some small, local restaurants on our way to the supermarket and figured one of them would do, seeing as we had to be back at the apartment pretty quickly in case C arrived earlier than expected. Except that almost all the restaurants turned out to serve nothing but seafood. Which I don't eat. And what wasn't seafood was pork. Which I also don't eat.

Eventually, we found somewhere that said it served beef and chicken, and sat down inside. Except despite the fact that it was open and there were people sitting inside eating, the kitchen was closed and no one came to serve us. So after about 10 minutes, we left. And we headed to a place just around the corner from our apartment because a) it was full of locals, so clearly the food was decent, and b) it had a menu in English.

Except that apparently the food was only decent if you were after seafood. Mum and I both ordered "Steak, Portuguese style" and were presented with an A5-sized piece of boot leather steak with a slice of ham on the top, and the whole thing was drowned in gravy and served with three boiled potatoes on the side. Mum's turned out to be so tough that she couldn't even cut it, and needless to say we dived into the chocolate mousse when we got back to the apartment. And then when C arrived at stupid o'clock, I made him pasta for dinner and accidentally-on-purpose made too much so that I could have some...

The next day, we headed into the centre of town to do a free walking tour. On the way, we stopped off at Lisbon Cathedral, where I found my past self:

Dead and still reading? Definitely me. Once we'd finished at the Cathedral - which was surprisingly plain - we had time to have gelato for lunch (health food of a nation!) before doing a free walking tour of the city. I'm not sure it was entirely what the parentals had in mind, but it was a good way to get a sense of the city and its history and see some of the sights without having to navigate our way there.

Once the tour finished, we wandered down to the main square by the river and abused the free wifi at Tourist Information before heading to one of the restaurants on the square for drinks. Drinks done, we wandered back in the general direction of our apartment, searching for dinner along the way. And we ended up at a touristy restaurant on the main square that, despite having a million page menu, seemed to no longer sell almost everything on said menu.

So when we passed a pastelaria that was still open at about 8.30pm, we figured that we should get some dessert. And all of this set me back a whopping €3:

And they were delicious.

Next up, we head out of Lisbon in search of palaces and fabulous libraries!

K xx


  1. These pictures look so much better than those that bestfriendboy kept sending me when he was in Lissabon so thank you, now I want to see Lisboa as well.

    I get cranky when I'm tired and hungry too.

  2. I wanna see the Tardis!


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