Thursday, September 25, 2014

The things I won't miss

I'm getting into the pointy end of my trip now - this time next week, I'll be somewhere over Broome with less than three hours to go until I land in Melbourne - and that means I'm starting to get to the point where I'm a little bit exhausted and in need of a holiday from my holiday. So here I present to you a Complaints Ridden List of Things I Won't Miss When I Get Home:

1. Wearing the same clothes (and shoes) over and over again.
I packed a whole lot of long sleeved t-shirts just in case the weather turned cold. It's forecast to be between 18 and 21 for the rest of my stay. As a result, I've been wearing the same five shirts for the duration of the trip and OH MY GOD I AM SO SICK OF THEM ALL. The same goes for shoes - I've been wearing my runners nearly every day, and I'm at the point where I kind of want to leave them here and buy a new pair when I get home...

2. Black boogers.
Look, there's lots to see and do in London, and it's easy to get around. But I will NOT miss blowing my nose at the end of the day and having black stuff come out. YAY POLLUTION!

3. Eating at restaurants all the time.
I had a nice break from this while I was down in Portsmouth staying with Sara, but I'm definitely looking forward to restaurants being a sometimes thing rather than a twice-a-day thing.

3a. Having to specify that I want tap water.
In Portugal, tap water wasn't even an option at restaurants. In London, you have to specify that you want tap water or they bring you bottled water and charge through the nose for it. I just want to ask for water without having to think about it, dammit!

4. Having to navigate.
I've got an English sim card, which means that I have data and can access Google Maps at the drop of a hat. But that doesn't mean I can get where I need to go. Yesterday, I went to the British Museum. And getting the 0.3 miles from the Tube station to the museum took me HALF AN HOUR because I kept following the "British Museum ->" tourist signs, except then there'd stop being tourist signs and I'd check on Google Maps and I'd be even further away than when I was at the Tube station. If anything happens to me and the police have to check CCTV footage to see what happened, they'll laugh their butts off watching me walk in circles.

5. Any bed that isn't mine.
It's not that the beds I've been sleeping in have been uncomfortable or anything. They're just not MY BED, you know? I miss my bed...

6. Money that doesn't fit in my wallet.
What the fuck, Europe? Why is all your money so tall??

7. Things not working the way they were advertised.
For example, my travel money card. It has a pin number. The bank told me that pin number would work anywhere. Except I've had to sign for every single purchase I've made using the card. Also, I'm going to Buckingham Palace on Saturday. I ordered tickets two weeks ago and told them to send them to my brother's address. They still haven't arrived so I phoned to ask about them. Apparently my billing address in Melbourne overwrote the delivery address in London, so the tickets are probably sitting in my mailbox right about now. Which isn't very helpful...

8. Having to plan laundry days in advance.
"I have five clean pairs of knickers, but only three t-shirts, so I'll need to do laundry now because it will take two days to dry..." And then having to sit around for two hours because everyone in the UK has front-loaders and they take 3,000 years to run a cycle.

9. Museum Fatigue.
Look, I love museums like it's going out of fashion. But even I've hit the point of museum fatigue, given that I've been to a museum or a palace basically every day since I've arrived. But if I don't go and see All The Things, I feel like I'm not taking advantage of my time here. So I go to another museum and wander around aimlessly. At least it gives me an opportunity to play my favourite game: find the ugliest thing in the room.

10. This stupid British "no power points in bathrooms" law.

Things I WILL miss:
1. The possibility that I could bump into Tom Hiddleston on the Tube. (It hasn't happened so far. SIGH.)

So. What's news with you guys?

K xx


  1. I love that you call outlets "power points" because I just think of Microsoft PowerPoint and it makes something like #10 extremely funny.

    Safe travels home!

  2. They're called power points in the UK and Australia, which probably means that it's the same in most Commonwealth countries!

  3. Hope you're having a great trip! I went to Europe earlier in the year and I can relate! The same clothes and shoes, not your bed, restaurants all the time and yeah, GETTING LOST! I would just like to say, everytime I was on the Tube or just walking around London in general I was constantly looking out for famous actors too! Sad to say, I didn't see any...except at Madame Tussauds. And I know what you mean about museum fatigue! Sooooo many museums!! :D Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for bringing back memories! xoxo

  4. Ugh, the black boogers...I cam home yesterday, blew my nose and immediatly was reminded why I would never want to live in a big city like that.
    Still, it was fantastic that we got to meet up but also yay for you going home. Traveling is exhausting!

  5. Yeah, I first heard this from a New Zealander friend, but it's still funny to me :)

  6. I'm pretty sure I'm still getting black boogers out of my nose, and I left London a week ago and have had a cold since then.

  7. So I discovered when I got home that Tom Hiddleston was in the US preparing for a role for the whole of September and I LOOKED FOR HIM ON EVERY TRAIN AND BUS FOR LITERALLY NO REASON AND I AM SO DEEPLY UPSET ABOUT THIS OMG.


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