Monday, September 8, 2014

London, baby!

So I'm currently sitting on the floor at Melbourne Airport next to the only power point I could find (I managed to drain my phone battery almost completely on the bus getting here) waiting to board my flight to London. Which is essentially code for "I may not be around much in the next couple of weeks". But rest assured, friends, I will return soon enough and tell you all about it.

For the time being, allow me to tell you that the worst part of travelling alone is that it requires taking EVERYTHING WITH YOU EVERY TIME YOU MOVE TWO STEPS. Seriously. I bought a(n oddly bacon-flavoured) vegetarian pizza earlier and when the little "your food is ready" buzzer thing went off, I had to pack up all my crap and carry it the five metres to the collection point. And in the time it took me to do that, someone stole my table. RUDE.

And right now? I could really use a wee and a large bottle of water for the flight and some kind of snack food to shove in my bag in case I wake up starving in the middle of the flight. But my phone needs charging and I can't really be bothered packing everything up right now. So I will be waiting until the last possible minute and then making a mad dash for the bathroom.

Aaaaah, the woes of the single traveller...

I apologise if this post makes no sense. I'm running on four hours' sleep because last night, my brain decided the best way to celebrate a forthcoming trip to London was to play the Doctor Who theme on a loop until after 2am. Thanks, brain. Thanks a lot...

Catch you on the flip side! Or, if you can't wait that long, you can always follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram!!

K xx


  1. Catch you on the flip side! I have been a single traveler a couple of times and yes, it's a pain in the ass when you can't just ask your friend or family member to have an eye on your belongings.

  2. Seriously. Jealous. And oh man, I feel your pain. I've done a lot of solo traveling as of late and bringing everything with you all the time is suuuuch a pain (and it's making me dread the traveling I'll have to do to get to Paris next spring).

  3. The airlines should give you a solo travelling buddy so that you can leave your stuff with someone to grab a bottle of water and go for a wee!

  4. Being able to leave all my stuff with my dad in Portugal was WONDERFUL OMG.

  5. I can imagine!


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