Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Throw another Iced Vovo on the barbie. Or something.

As you guys know, Nikki came to stay a little while back. And one of the things we did while she was here? Was to make a vlog together. We originally planned this like forever ago, and the idea was that it would be a weekly series. I'd talk about the history of a product and its significance in Australian culture, then the following week, Nikki would sample it and tell the internet what she thought.

Given that she leaves Australia next Tuesday, we had to cram the process into a much shorter space of time. This video is hella long, but considering I had 59 minutes and 30 seconds worth of footage to work with, I think I did pretty well to get it down to a hair under 15 minutes.

Please enjoy us eating all the foods and generally being ridiculous. You're welcome, internet. And yes, those facial expressions in the thumbnail are totally indicative of our feelings towards several of the foods we tried.

If you are Australian and actually like Chico Babies, please let me know immediately. Because I need to know.

K xx

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