Thursday, July 10, 2014

Roadtrip = hiatus

Um, HI. I kind of took an unintentional hiatus for the better part of a week courtesy of a wee trip up to Canberra. 

So what did I do while I was in our nation's capital? 

- Went to precisely zero cultural institutions or attractions. I didn't even see Parliament House. It was kind of amazing.
- Hung out with two of my best friends an awful lot. 
- Spent a lot of time wiping snotty noses and grubby hands.
- Had mint hot chocolate at two different places. The Max Brenner one was spectacularly good, despite the totally weird-ass mug. 
- Caught up with my friends LB (who's expecting a baby any day!) and Femaelstrom, who I hadn't seen in three years. So that was awesome.
- Ate a lot. 
- Cracked up repeatedly over things that Clapton and Bowie said. I'd show you pictures, but I feel a liiiiiiittle weird posting pictures of kids I'm not related to. 
- No, but seriously. I ate SO MUCH. Including my beloved and obligatory trip-to-Canberra Turkish food. Mmmmm, zucchini puffs...
- Marvelled at the awesome ridiculousness of the (sadly temporary) makeover that the Holbrook submarine has had:
- Had a two month old baby fall in love with me. Seriously, he would just stare at me for like 20 minutes at a time. It was a little weird. 
- Caught up with some of C's friends (who are also friends of mine) for the first time in a couple of years and marvelled at how terrifyingly grown up their lives are compared to mine.
- Read less than I have in approximately forever.
- Introduced a sixteen year old girl to the wonderfulness that is Clueless.
- Bought two new pairs of jeans that are actually long enough for a total of $60. MIRACLE. 
- Spent very limited time on the internet because the free wifi at our hotel was slow and crappy. I was torn as to whether it was a relief or really weird to be away from the internet that much. 

So. What's news with you guys?

K xx


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. ;) Be careful though, with those snotty little kids that fall in love with you. When they ask to marry, gee, it's hard breaking their adorable little hearts. I'm agreeing with you on that freaky looking mug, though. Is that supposed to be hipster?? How do you even DRINK from it??

  2. Wilhelmina UptonJuly 11, 2014 at 3:56 PM

    How does one even drink out of that sauciere? Can't compute.

    Adorable babies falling in love with you is the cutest. I only got pictures and a video of a puppy this week which was adorable in itself.

    Btw, how tall are you?

  3. I think that mug would just cause me to be covered in mint hot chocolate. Glad you had a good time in the 'Berra :-)

  4. Honestly, I'm still surprised that I didn't end up covered in mint hot chocolate...

  5. I'm 175cm, but only about 65cm of that is above my waist. Which is why it was so exciting to find jeans that were actually long enough!

  6. This one's only two months old, so he's a little ways off being able to ask anything!

    And I have NO idea what the deal was with the mug. I drank from the skinny end, but I'm still not sure if I was doing it right...

  7. Wilhelmina UptonJuly 14, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    Okay, so you're not that much taller than I am :) I never measured how much of that comes above my waist. I have long legs but not that long I guess.


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