Monday, July 28, 2014

Movie Monday: To Catch a Thief

It's been a while since I've talked about an older movie, so it seemed about time that I rectify the situation with a little dose of Hitchcock!

Reasons why To Catch a Thief is awesome:
1. It's Hitchcock, but not the murdery kind.
2. Car chases of Bond-esque proportions.
3. Cary Grant. He's fabulous as the retired cat burglar trying to clear his name.

4. Ridiculous meet-cutes.
5. Grace Kelly. She's amazing.
6. The costumes. They're fantastic.
7. The scenery. GORGEOUS.
8. Hilariously low-key escapes from the police (ON THE BUS, for crying out loud!)
9. Cary Grant's ridiculous facial expressions, much like in North by Northwest.
10. Danielle, queen of sass.
11. John Robie, nervous passenger.
12. Jessie. She's absolutely hilarious.
13. The over-the-top bonkers costumes at the gala. I can't even.
LOOK AT THIS THING. Also, source.
14. The big plot twist.
15. Being pinned to a tree by an old lady.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Did you kill many people?" "Seventy two. But I know something that'll please you: none of them were insured."
- "You're somewhat egotistical." "Fighting fire with fire!"
- "Don't let the robbery spoil your day. It's only money and not even yours at that!"
- "Mother, the book you're reading is upside down..."
- "The pastry's as light as air!" "Germaine has very sensitive hands and an exceedingly light touch. She strangled a German general once, without a sound."
- "This is better than anything we have back in Portland, Oregon!" "Almost anything is..."
- "Mrs. Stevens, would you kindly keep your jewellery in the hotel safe?" "And what would I do when I go out? Wear the safe around my neck?!"
- "You're a jackpot of admirable character traits."
-" I only stole from people who wouldn't go hungry!"
- "Why do you think we moved so often? Your father was a swindler, dear, but a lovable one. If you ask me, this one's a bigger operator on every level." "Thank you, madam."
- "Say something nice to her, Danielle." "She looks a lot older up close."
- "Not only did I enjoy that kiss last night, I was awed by its efficiency."

Have you seen it? What did you think??

K xx

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