Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two years worth of randomness

I got a new phone over the weekend (fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally!), and it wasn't until I opened the picture gallery and the text message inbox to find them both empty that I realised how weird it is that we effectively lose two years of our lives every time we get a new phone. Okay, so I didn't really LOSE the photos, because my camera was automatically synced to Dropbox. But there were some quality text message conversations in there that are now effectively gone forever. Womp womp.

Incidentally, this happened while I was getting my new phone: the girl who was helping me was all "Okay, so do you want Endless Talk or Endless Text on your new plan?" And as she was talking, she brought up the details of my existing plan and was like "Oh. You've made like ten phone calls this year. Endless Text it is!" YUP. There's a reason why I have an "I'm allergic to the phone" tag.

Anyway, in honour of my long suffering Samsung Galaxy S2, here are some of the incredibly random pictures that I now have floating around in Dropbox!

Apparently eight year old me struggled with the spelling of cooperation...

My bread had a face:

The eggs had a face:

Found at Target in Washington DC and immediately sent to Kim:


I still have no idea what the hell this postmark was, but it looks a lot like a ghost flying at me. Thanks, New Zealand:

I'm pretty sure this is the worst idea of ever:

I found Heaven. It's at Officeworks:

Yes, that's a Marvel onesie. Once again, sent to Kim:

Little Miss A decided she wanted to be Ned Kelly for a dress-up day at school. So we made her a costume:

Little Miss A was very unimpressed with my sneaky Battleship playing tactics and didn't understand how she hadn't sunk anything:

Yes, I own a Ghostface mask. And yes, a certain eight year old took it upon herself to model it on Halloween:

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite like a little girl with murder in her heart:

MARVEL DUVET COVER OMG. Once again, sent to Kim:

Pirate Easter bunnies. On a supermarket shelf, not in an oven:

Limited edition flour is a thing?!?!:

I ordered a spinach, tomato and feta pizza on Saturday night. It was NOT what I was anticipating...

Please tell me that your phones hold an equally random collection of nonsense photos??

K xx


  1. My phone certainly does:

  2. That really was the biggest fork ever

  3. I feel like I need to check my phone gallery now...I can't imagine how random it could possibly be. 600+ photos, there must be something weird.


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