Monday, June 2, 2014

Movie Monday - the soundtracks edition

You guys, I've mentioned the soundtrack as a reason why a certain movie is awesome an awful lot over the past couple of years worth of Movie Monday posts. So it seemed appropriate that I dedicate a post to my favourite soundtracks.

First of all, let's start by saying that I'm not talking here about my favourite scores. We'll talk about my favourite scores next week. And musicals or movies where the majority of the soundtrack is sung by the performers (Pitch Perfect, for example) don't count either. I'll cover THOSE in a separate post too. Because of reasons. I'm also not talking about the songs that they select FROM the overall soundtrack to compile into an album, because without fail my favourite song from the soundtrack is NEVER on the album. So basically, I'm talking about every single song that's used in the movie.

So. To my favourite soundtracks, which are listed in no particular order:

Dirty Dancing

We had this soundtrack on cassette tape when I was a kid and it was on high rotation in the car, so I knew all the songs YEARS before I'd ever seen the movie. And it. is. fabulous. If you don't love this soundtrack, I'm not entirely sure we can be friends any more...

Love Actually

Admittedly, part of the reason why I love this is the score. Which is sort of cheating. But unlike the other movies that will be going on the scores list, the soundtrack is largely dominated by non-score music. And the music just makes the movie so perfectly.

Empire Records

Oh my God, THIS SOUNDTRACK. I adore absolutely everything about it. Even the Rex Manning nonsense.

Top Gun

Yes, it's a total cheesefest from start to finish. But I have such an irrational soft spot for this utterly ridiculous soundtrack. And if you haven't blasted Danger Zone while doing 110km/h on a roadtrip, then you're missing out. Also, you should definitely watch the first like 30 seconds of that video if only for the hilarious hair.


Okay, so it's not the greatest movie in the world, despite my undying adoration of it. BUT. The soundtrack? Is an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT roadtrip soundtrack. Every single song just works, and I love everything about it.

Can't Hardly Wait

There are some truly phenomenal songs on the soundtrack of this largely forgotten 90s end-of-high-school teen drama-dy. Including, but not limited to, Guns n Roses, Yazoo, Barry Manilow, Blink-182, Dire Straits, and Smashmouth. It's kind of insanely all over the place, and it's brilliant.

A Knight's Tale

How can you not love the soundtrack of this movie? I mean, seriously. It's so fabulously tied into what's happening on screen even though it makes literally no sense for knights in armour to be jousting to songs from the 1970s. HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE, YO.

School of Rock

There is so much awesome 70s and 80s rock on this soundtrack. Including one of the few uses of Led Zeppelin, like, EVER. I'm not a Zeppelin fan, much to my younger brother's eternal chagrin. But the use of The Immigrant Song is perfect.


Scotty Doesn't Know is solid gold awesome. Add in David Hasselhoff, some fabulous cover songs and a little Europop and you've got yourself one hell of an awesome soundtrack.


The original 1984 version, obviously. And yes, more Kenny Loggins. With added Bonnie Tyler! What more could you want?

What are your favourite soundtracks?

K xx


  1. Wilhelmina UptonJune 2, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    So much awesome on this list!! I'm glad we can continue to be friends since I LOVE the Dirty Dancing sountrack!

  2. Great choices! I own both of the Dirty Dancing soundtracks and love them. I have a lot of love for 50s and 60s music. And School of Rock i just an awesome movie. Although I don't know how to process the fact you aren't a Zepplin fan. Blasphemy. I may have to rethink our friendship. (Zep is like air to me. I couldn't survive without it)

    My favorites include the Lost Boys, House of 1000 Corpses (LOVE Rob Zombie music), Gross Pointe Blank off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more, but those are the first that come to mind. OH, and Pump up the Volume. I love the music in that.

  3. I love the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack and the Runaway Bride soundtrack.

  4. DID I MISS 60B!?@?!

  5. Oh man, the 10 Things soundtrack is so great.

  6. Yeah, I don't know what it is about Zeppelin. They fall into the same category as The Rolling Stones - music that makes me go "meh". I think in the case of Zeppelin it didn't help that my brother spent the last couple of years of high school listening to NOTHING BUT ZEPPELIN while he was studying, so I heard the same half a dozen albums a thousand times...


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