Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marauders Assemble

Remember how I said last week that I finally got a new phone? Yeah, I took full advantage of the fact that it's a fairly recent and pretty popular model to ACTUALLY GET A CASE FOR IT.

I tried to get a case for my old phone when I first got it, but because it had just been superseded by a new version, the only cases on the market were plain and boring. So I never bothered to get one. Which was fine, except that by the end of the two years, the camera was pretty scratched thanks to my tendency to slide my phone around on the bench...


In my typical can-make-major-decisions-in-a-split-second-but-agonises-for-days-about-tiny-things fashion, I found THREE cases that I really liked and couldn't decide between them. So obviously, given that they were like $7-$15 each on Etsy, I bought all three of them.

And they are MAGICAL:

Poor Ben now has a camera flash for a face, because OBVIOUSLY I'm using the Lego Marvel one at the moment. I also find it oddly entertaining that you can see Spiderman's little legs swinging in from the top left corner.

Anyway, my plan at this stage is to change cases every month so that they all get equal amounts of love. I'm thinking the Marauder's Map will be next. Yes? Yes.

Which of these would you use first?

K xx


  1. Ahhh I want the Marauders! I love changing my phone covers, phone had an accident in which it hovered out of my hand and landed on the my phone has a silver/grey (bland) phone case which is essentially holding my phone together until my plan ends. Thankfully the screen is unscathed. I use to have a gorgeous phone case that made my phone look like an antique book....unfortunately it hindered the sound quality when I had to answer the phone.

  2. Ew, what's the point in a phone case that impacts on the sound quality?! RIDICULOUS. And noooooooo to your broken phone!! That's like my nightmare...

  3. Oh oh I SO want to do this! I don't have a phone...but I wish my iPod could have one. I was buying a case for my computer, and I'm the ultimate Scrooge, otherwise I was drooling over the Marvel laptop cover. x) One day when I'm rich and famous...hehe. I LOVE the Lego Avengers!



  5. I totally understand drooling over things and being too much of a Scrooge to actually buy them. There's a reason why I have an "apparently I'm a cheapskate" tag...

  6. Haha! Those are so great! I love all 3 of them. I would have probably done the same thing and bought them all. LOL.


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