Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TFiOS survival guide


I saw The Fault in Our Stars tonight, courtesy of Deidre, who got free tickets and wasn't able to go. Everything was all very secretive - we had to hand our phones in at the door, and our bags were searched for other devices capable of recording. Which is understandable, given how much of a BFD this movie is.

Given that it doesn't come out anywhere in the world for at least another week, I'm not going to tell you anything about it, except that it's excellent. Instead, I hereby present you with my essentials for surviving The Fault in Our Stars:

1. Waterproof mascara
Let's be honest: crying during this movie is inevitable. I actually managed to avoid full on crying until way later in the movie than I thought I would, but it's still best to plan ahead. No one wants to make their inevitable hot mess status worse by having giant streaks of mascara all over their face when the house lights come back up!

2. Tissues
See also: point 1. Even if you get through the movie with minimal crying, you'll need tissues at some point. For me? It was right at the end to deal with the inevitable watery snottiness that goes along with crying. For someone near the front of the cinema who sobbed dramatically through approximately 80% of the film, I suspect it was pretty much the whole thing.

3. Water
Crying causes dehydration, yo. Feel free to replace with booze if you're at a cinema that allows that sort of thing. Although you should still have water because booze causes dehydration too.

4. Clothes that won't show the tear marks
Yeah, there was one particular scene (a scene I won't name for fear of spoilers) that tipped me over the edge from tearing up into full blown tears. And due to the fact that I was already teary, the first I knew of the actual crying part was that several tears landed firmly on my shirt. Basically, don't wear anything that you don't want watermarked.

5. A mirror
Whether it's in your handbag or in the bathroom, you should probably check that the waterproof mascara mentioned in point 1 did its job before you head out.

6. Chocolate
It helps with the feels. Trust me.

On a scale from Team Heartless Cow to Uncontrollably Sobbing Girl In The Front Row, how much do you foresee yourself crying during TFiOS?

K xx


  1. Wilhelmina UptonMay 28, 2014 at 11:39 PM

    Whelp. so much for that. I can't wait to watch it but I also know I will end up a gross mess. Considering the source material, not a shocker.
    Also, dude! I'm so jealous you already got to see this!

  2. Well.... *nervous laughter* I think I'm going to cry more than I did when watching Titanic. And when I saw Titanic the entire cinema row shook! Will be bringing 2 boxes, possibly 3 boxes of tissues for viewing and god the feels will probably cause me to end up on the floor!

    My friends also saw an advance screening (I couldn't go, even though they were my tickets) and they sobbed soooo much!
    And I think I will be movie hungover for a week afterwards.
    BUT NONETHELESS I AM STILL EXCITED TO SEE IT! I've heard that it is incredible!
    Thanks for the survival tips! I think no mascara for me is best... ;D


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