Friday, May 16, 2014

Bout of Books - Days 3 and 4

Well. Wednesday and Thursday ended up being far more successful on the reading front than I could have ever imagined! Once again, I didn't track how much time I spent reading, because it's too complicated to keep track of. I managed to finish three books over the course of these two days, read just shy of 1200 pages, and have already gone over my page goal. Which was incredibly unexpected! (All images from Goodreads)

Pages read: 605
Total pages read: 1489
Percentage of page goal achieved: 74%
Books read: Sea of Shadows (finished), The Five Greatest Warriors

Total books finished: 3
Percentage of book goal achieved: 42%

Pages read: 591
Total pages read: 2080
Percentage of page goal achieved: 104%
Books read: The Five Greatest Warriors (finished), Crash into You (finished), Speak

Total books finished: 5
Percentage of book goal achieved: 71%

How's your Bout of Books going?

K xx

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  1. Well done for finishing 5 books already! :) I've just managed 2, but I have today off and plan to read a good amount of my Stephen King book in the sunshine. When I get off the internet, that is!


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