Friday, April 4, 2014

Who needs Oprah when we can do it ourselves?

It's been a while since I've had All The Thoughts, so let's talk about Charmed season 3, shall we?

Quite possibly the best/worst promo shot of EVER. Source.

  • Oh, Phoebe. What the hell did you do to your hair?! 
  • Ahaha, Cole. I totally forgot he was Assistant District Attorney.
  • Ridiculous fairy episode is ridiculous.
  • OH MY GOD. These Halloween costumes are INSANE.
  • Ahahaha, a terrible wig flashback! Cole, you look RIDICULOUS. 
  • Wait, so Prue's plan to keep them safe from the demon that's stalking them is SNEAKERS? And not even to wear, just to carry around with them?? Right, because you'd totally have time to change your shoes in the middle of a demon attack.
  • Um. Empathy and telepathy are not the same thing, show. 
  • That slice of Balthazar flesh looks a hell of a lot like beetroot.
  • Phoebe, honey. Faking your demon boyfriend's death is a terrible idea.
  • There is an evil ice cream truck. I cannot even begin to process this idea. Evil. Ice cream. Truck...
  • OMG Nigel from Crossing Jordan!!
  • Ahahahaha, their dad finding out that Leo's a whitelighter = I AM DEAD FROM LAUGHING.
  • Wow. That was the most awkward not!wedding ever. Way to ruin everything, Prue. 
  • Oh my God, Marshall from Alias as a punk-y demon dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins. AMAZING.
  • Um. Did Phoebe just do a degree in less than two years? Yo no comprendo...
  • I have precisely zero fucks to give about Cole. 
  • Phoebe, sometimes I really want to punch you for your stupidity.
  • Holy shit, someone killed Piper.
  • LOL, Prue just overpowered an entire SWAT team singlehandedly. 
  • Well. That was quite the cliffhanger ending... 
How did you feel about Cole back in the day (or, you know, now. Either way)??

K xx


  1. I can totally understand why you hated it. It's definitely not an easy movie to watch. It's also the ONLY Tarantino movie I've seen - the extreme emphasis on violence doesn't really appeal to me. I think I like the way the story unfolds in Pulp Fiction more than the story itself. It's pretty unique!

    I agree that Snow White was totally groundbreaking from an animation perspective. And I think I probably would have enjoyed it way more with a different voice actor!

  2. I think a really big part of my dislike was the voice actor for Snow White. All I could think of the whole way through was Lena Lemont, and as a result, I couldn't stop giggling any time she talked.

  3. Rear Window is my all time favourite Hitchcock movie, closely followed by Psycho. But North by Northwest is next on the list. I just love Cary Grant's facial expressions so much.

  4. Rhiannon HomewoodApril 5, 2014 at 10:38 PM

    Looks good


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