Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thirty one

My birthday this year was a fairly low key event. It seemed appropriate - it's kind of an unwritten rule that once you're past 30, you stop having birthday celebrations with all your friends (because it's too freaking hard to organise, as I mentioned in my video on Thursday!) and start having small family celebrations instead.

So that's what I did. And in typical fashion, I took photos of what I ate rather than who I was with, because that's how I roll...

Just like last year, we went to Donovan's for lunch. Although this year, we were minus C, Paulie, Em and Matt and their brood. Ness came with us, though, so that made up for it! The food was delicious as always:
Asparagus salad with fried buffalo mozzarella

Four Tastes plate - pea and mint arancini, dry cured Wagyu beef,
heirloom tomato salad, and smoked salmon
Ness and I couldn't decide what to have for entree, so I got the asparagus salad, she got the Four Tastes plate and we shared. This is why you take your BFFs to fancy birthday lunches - they're always amenable to slightly ridiculous plans!

This year's main course was the same as last year's because why mess with perfection?
Chicken and mushroom pie of amazingness

And then dessert. Oh my word. I actually went onto the Donovan's website the day before my birthday to scope things out, and knew immediately which dessert I was going to have. Because how could you pass up on something that involved both chocolate AND doughnuts?!?!

And yes, it was just as amazing as it looks. The full description from the menu is as follows: "Layers of chocolate crémeux, salted caramel, raspberry gel, rice crispies and fresh raspberries with cinnamon doughnuts". Frankly, I have no idea what approximately half of that means, but it was to die for.

And fret not - the multiple spoons on my plate were because Little Miss A had ordered the same dessert and we knew there was no hope in hell of her getting through that on her own! (Also, I'm STILL impressed that I managed to avoid putting my arm in the chocolate sauce)

As for shiny things that I received in honour of turning 31, we have (amongst other things) the following:

A new watch, given that I managed to smash the winder off my old one on a plant stand(?!?!?!?).

A new ring, which kind of makes me want pretzels every time I see it.

New ankle boots.

And a parcel of nerdiness from C. I'm pretty excited about starting the book, and I'm already wearing the Tube map socks, because OBVIOUSLY.

So there you have it. 31 may have been a little quieter than 30, but that's totally okay. Because I got to spend my birthday night watching Pitch Perfect, and you can't get much better than that!

K xx

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