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Movie Monday - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Come on, like you were expecting anything else today! #Marvelfangirl I took myself to see this at the movies on opening day, and OMG IT WAS AMAZING. Things are going to get non-specifically spoilery, so I'll put in a jump cut for those of you who haven't had a chance to see it yet. But I expect you to share your thoughts once you HAVE seen it!

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Let's start with what I loved, shall we?

  • EVERYTHING ABOUT BLACK WIDOW. CAN I HAVE A BLACK WIDOW MOVIE NOW, PLEASE????? OMG AMAZING. She was such a total badass and was on a par with Steve the whole way through the movie, and I just loved her so much . 
  • That it was more political thriller than superhero saves the world from bad guys.
  • Steve going back to his original uniform. Magical. 
  • Sam Wilson (aka Falcon). Everything about him was absolutely perfect. And he wasn't a sidekick, he was a character in his own right!!
  • Speaking of being characters, let's talk about the fact that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER had so much depth and personality and attitude and individuality. It. Was. Magical. 
  • The Stan Lee cameo was adorable. And I LOVED that there was a museum exhibition on Steve. (Although I'm not entirely sure why it was at the Air and Space Museum rather than, say, the National Museum of American History. I suspect this has something to do with filming permissions...)
  • The fight choreography. AMAZING.
  • Bucky Bucky Bucky Bucky Bucky. Totally fabulous. Provided sufficient depth into his character (see above) without feeling infodump-y or like it was dumbing things down for the non-comics fans. 
  • Natasha's arrow necklace. I squeed every time I saw it, because I ship Clintasha like whoa. 
  • The ending was fabulous. FABULOUS. 
  • The name drops to other Marvel characters, whether new to the MCU or old favourites.
  • Maria Hill was amazing.
  • Steve visiting Peggy gave me All the Feels.
  • I loved getting the history behind SHIELD and its founding.
  • The script was completely and utterly fabulous and full of sassy moments. But, like, real person sassy moments, not Only-Tony-Stark-Could-Pull-This-Off sassy moments.
  • No, but seriously. There were like five main protagonists (Cap, Widow, Falcon, Fury and Hill) and only ONE OF THEM was a white man. AND the main antagonist has a prosthetic arm. Please give me more stuff like this, Hollywood. 
Things I didn't like so much:
  • The regionalising of Steve's "things I need to look up on the internet" list. Yes, it was an awesome way of getting the fans involved. But the Australian list was blatantly "LOOK WHAT WE DID"-ing the audience. Because there was no way that Steve would have ANY reason to have heard about any of the things mentioned on the list. Well, AC/DC, yes. But Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Ugh, please. That show aired from 1968-1970. Most Australians under the age of 40 probably couldn't tell you anything about that show except maybe sing the theme song. If they'd made it something that was popular/growing in popularity outside of Australia - like Crocodile Dundee or AFL - I would have been totally on board with it. But freaking Skippy?? NOPE. 
Things that will be interesting as a result:
  • What does this mean for Agents of SHIELD?!?!?!? (Not that I watch it any more, but STILL)
  • OMG, I am so excited about Age of Ultron I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.
 So. What did you think? 

K xx



    This was a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC Movie. You've hit all my high point squees so I'm going to say "ditto" (except the Australia thing because I don't get it... was the insert shot of the list different in Australia than confused) to everything you said and add bits I want to cover:
    - Cap's personality: I'm a sucker for a good guy. But I'm going to go ahead and declare my allegiance to Capt America over Superman. I know, fighting words. But I like that Steve is a had a truly normal "overlooked" background without any superpower influence. The superpower stuff came after his basic personality was formed. And he's taken that personality and made it a code of ethics I am 100% behind. Things he did that REALLY stuck out to me:
    -- He questioned his role when things started getting really shady.
    -- He related to the PTSD of the current war veterans. (AND HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THAT WHOLE VA SCENE -- God Bless our veterans, and I bet that woman's story about swerving to avoid a plastic sack because she thought it was an IED is REAL).
    -- He immediately recognized a kindred soul in Sam. I ship that bromance Steve/Sam so hard.
    -- He was smart but honest. He didn't play games, he took things straight on but he wasn't a dummy.
    -- He took the time to encourage Natasha and even got her to release her entire past to the freaking internet. Now THAT's leadership.
    -- He told all the agents of SHIELD what the score was and allowed them a fighting chance to know what to do and what to die for.
    -- He politely rejected Nick Fury
    -- He BELIEVED IN BUCKY. I don't care if it's corny. I need that amount of corn in my daily diet.

    Shallow end of the pool: Angsty Bucky is hot. Where the hell did that come from????

    I loved seeing Jenny Aggutter kicking ass - I know who it ended up being but it just gave me happy.

    The development of Black Widow: Scarlet J. did a great job and I'm torn between shipping her/Clint and her/Steve. Or her/no-one until SHE is ready to feel like more than a weapon.

    Speaking of shipping: If they can get over that trust issue, I liked Blondie and Cap too.

    Things that detracted:
    - I LOVE everything about Sam/Falcon but those wings are too powerful... IDK, they need to not stretch the credulity quite so far -- he should have been toast 100 times.

    I'm an idealist and this Captain America film showed a clear understanding of right and wrong and I'm 1000000% behind that.

  2. Yep, the insert list was different in different countries. Not sure if it was different EVERYWHERE, but the UK got a list that included the Beatles, Sean Connery, and the 1966 World Cup. And we got nonsensical crap. SIGH.

    Anywho, a big fat +1 to everything you said. As far as I'm concerned, Cap >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Superman. But I'm not even remotely a fan of DC's stuff, so...yeah.

  3. I was also surprised at the list, it included Coluche and Louis de Funés, both of which I'm ready to believe have a certain international popularity, but nowhere near enough to feature on a list of "10 best tings in 70 years"...

    The idea was good, but it could have been a bit more subtle, maybe a bit less regionalised, like continent instead of countries ?

    And since I'm still watching (and loving more and more) Agents of SHIELD, I was super-hyped coming out of the movie... Keeping that spoiler to myself was the hardest part :p

  4. Um yes to a Black Widow movie. I'm so ready for that.

  5. So what you're saying is that I should give Agents of SHIELD a fifteenth chance to redeem itself?

  6. RIGHT?!?!?!?! It NEEDS to happen OMG.

  7. That's weird that you missed out on the UK list - everyone else I know in the UK has had the adapted list! (Which also made very little sense because why on earth would Steve care about the 1966 World Cup?? The Beatles, yes. Sean Connery? Eh, maybe. 1966 World Cup? NOPE.)

  8. Wait, so France got its own list too? Also, I have heard of neither of those people, so...yeah. (Although considering I've seen a grand total of about 10 French films, that's probably not entirely surprising!)

    I almost feel like the lists needed to be voted on by fans but then run past a group of 100 or so Americans, and if less than 25% of them had never heard of a particular entry, then it didn't make the cut.

  9. 100% yes. It was a slow start, it picked up and now has gotten really good. Really worth the bad eps.


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