Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter TBR pile

Over the past week or so, my TBR pile has gotten a little...out of control. Given that Easter tends to be a time of not-going-anywhere-because-everything-is-closed, I'm hoping that I can make some headway in the aforementioned pile. Especially as down here in the Antipodes, we have another long weekend next weekend courtesy of my birthday Anzac Day!

So what's in my TBR pile at the moment?

These are the physical copies. Technically, I'm like 80% of the way through The Odyssey, but I'd really like to get it finished so that I can give it back to Ness (I read like 225 pages in one afternoon of sitting in the hospital waiting for her to be discharged and have been averaging about 20 pages a day since then. Womp womp). And Fangirl is a reread, although I read it as an e-book last year, so I'm pretty psyched about reading it in physical form. Half Bad and Popular were freebies, courtesy of the Penguin Teen Australia live event on Monday night, and I'm pretty excited about reading both of them. And Two Graves is my last remaining library book.

Now for the e-books:

Stolen Songbird I've been excited about for a couple of months now. Stay Awhile is another reread, but I'm counting it as in my TBR pile anyway because I reeeeeeeeeally need to get through it before the final book in the series comes out. Which will be soon (right, Alysia?!?!?!). Pushing the Limits and The Enemy are recent additions following a bunch of "OMG YOU SHOULD READ THIS!" suggestions at PTA Live. The others have been languishing on my Kindle for months now (although I'm pretty sure that The Elite is going to be a #stupidbookisstupid hate read based on my feelings towards The Selection...).

So there you have it. Eleven books (not including the one I'm currently reading). I doubt I'll get through them all over Easter (and the Anzac Day long weekend), but hopefully I can at least whittle the list down to a more manageable level!

What are you planning on reading over the long weekend?

K xx


  1. Oh, Popular, I just heard about that one yesterday and I hope it's good, let me know what you thought about it and I also need to remember to put that on my TBR list. What is this Heart of Iron? The cover looks so terrible :D

    As for me, there is only getting through Attachments and starting The Memory Garden. The last one is an ARC and I'm kinda excited for it, hope it's as good as it sounds. Happy reading, mate!

  2. I'm going camping for a few days after Easter, with noooo internet. I am SO conquering my TBR while I'm gone! XD (Har, har...well, at least dinting it.) I really really hope you like Half Bad! I absolutely adore the socks off that book and so far I'm kind of standing alone in my lonely fandom. x)

  3. FANGIRL FANGIRL FANGIRL FANGIRL FANGIRL....and lol I can't wait to see your reactions to The Elite. Half Bad is okay too.

  4. I am working and working this weekend. But maybe if it's nice I'll try to make some more headway on On The Road since I started it 4 years ago.

  5. That sounds horrible. The working part, I mean, not the On the Road part...

  6. I have to say, I've been fighting the urge to reread Fangirl pretty much since the second I finished it the first time around. And The Elite is obviously at the bottom of the pile...

  7. Camping with no internet sounds a lot like my idea of a nightmare... But it sounds like an excellent way of take a chunk out of your TBR pile!

  8. The cover is most definitely terrible. The cover on the first one was terrible too! But it (or at least the first one) was a really fun steampunk/paranormal thing. Hopefully the second one is fun too despite its crappy cover...


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