Wednesday, April 2, 2014

101 in 1001: the wrap up

As I mentioned on Monday, my 101 in 1001 finished yesterday. So let's wrap this thing up, shall we?! I figured the easiest way to do this was to dump the entire list in here, and deal with each item individually. Feel free to scroll straight to the bottom if you just want the final statistics part!

1. Visit a new country DID IT. New Zealand in November.
2. Visit somewhere new in Australia On the Not Gonna Happen pile.
3. Host a dinner party DID IT.
4. Live offline for a weekend HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As if. On the Not Gonna Happen pile.
5. Make jam DID IT.
6. Watch the AFI Top 100 Movies (2007 edition) I managed 66 out of 100, which I think is pretty damned good, considering how long and difficult to find a lot of them were!
7. Go out for New Year's DID IT. Sort of...
8. Meet a blog friend in real life DID IT SO MANY TIMES OMG.
9. Write a short story/novel DID IT.
10. Read 100 new books (100/100) DID IT AND THEN SOME. According to Goodreads, I've read 435 books since starting this challenge, and that doesn't include the ones that I reread multiple times.
11. Get my own domain for my blog DID IT.
12. Jog every day for a week (0/7) Not Gonna Happen pile.
13. Move out of home again Not Gonna Happen pile.
14. Buy a 50mm prime lens DID IT.
15. Lose 5kg DID IT.
16. Eat at 20 new restaurants (20/20) DID IT.
17. Try a new recipe once a week for a month (0/4) I was so close to having this one done - I'd done three weeks out of four and then completely forgot. Womp womp.
18. Reach 100 blog followers (100/100) DID IT.
19. Reach 500 blog posts (500/500) DID IT.
20. Put away $20 for each completed task Not Gonna Happen pile.
21. Get a job DID IT. Albeit a part time, could-end-at-any-moment job...
22. Make a piece of clothing by hand I was planning on doing this over the summer, but somehow it never quite happened. Womp womp.
23. Paint a room Not Gonna Happen pile.
24. Go to the opera Not Gonna Happen pile.
25. Go to the ballet DID IT.
26. Go to the symphony Not Gonna Happen pile.
27. Sing karaoke Not Gonna Happen pile.
28. Attend a blog conference DID IT.
29. Go back to ballet classes DID IT. (And then quit again, but shhhhhhhh)
30. Take a cooking class DID IT.
31. Host a guest blogger DID IT.
32. Buy a piece of original art Not Gonna Happen pile.
33. Teach Little Miss A to bake DID IT.
34. Learn a new piece on the piano Not Gonna Happen pile.
35. Watch sunrise and sunset on the same day DID IT.
36. Ride in a hot air balloon DID IT.
37. Go rock climbing DID IT.
38. Take a photography class Not Gonna Happen pile.
39. Clean out my closet DID IT.
40. Go to ten new museums (11/10) DID IT and then some.
41. Document 'a day in my life' in photos Yeah, I was putting this off for a day when I was actually going to be leaving the house and doing stuff. Unfortunately, on the days when that happened, I never remembered to take my camera. Fail.
42. See one of my favourite bands in concert DID IT.
43. Give money to a street performer. Something else that requires leaving the house. Whoops?
44. See a new musical DID IT.
45. Go on a roadtrip DID IT.
46. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy DID IT.
47. Make pasta from scratch Kind of tricky, as I don't own a pasta maker, and also because I'd have to make gluten free pasta on account of Mum. BUT I might try my hand at some gnocchi in a week or so. Too late for the challenge, but I'll still do it!
48. Voluntarily add to my superannuation Not Gonna Happen pile.
49. Voluntarily pay off some of my student debt Not Gonna Happen pile.
50. Plan a weekend getaway with friends Not Gonna Happen pile.
51. Attend a midnight premiere Not Gonna Happen pile.
52. See Geelong play a game at Kardinia Park Not Gonna Happen pile.
53. Write a guest post for another blog DID IT.
54. Print out my photos DID IT. I'm not 100% up to date, but I'm in a much better position than I was when I first started the challenge, so I say it counts!
55. Keep a food journal for a month DID IT.
56. Buy a new laptop DID IT (twice. Whoops.)
57. Host a themed party You could argue that the dinner party I held (see #3) was a themed party, because all the food and drink was Mexican. But I didn't decorate the house with sombreros or pinatas or anything, so I think I failed on this one.
58. Plant a herb garden A big fat fail. Technically we have a planter box full of mint and strawberries that used to also contain parsley and coriander. But I didn't plant it.
59. Follow one new blog a month (34/34) DID IT. There's a full list on the 101 in 1001 page, although they don't have links and a bunch of them are now dead, so...yeah.
60. Take a self portrait at least once a month (0/34) I failed this so hard. Also on the Not Gonna Happen pile.
61. Finish my cooking challenge Oy. This challenge was so much easier when I didn't have like five recipes left... Maybe I'll aim to finish this challenge by the end of the year.
62. Send someone a care package DID IT. I neglected to blog about it at the time because it was a surprise, but I sent Sweeney a care package a month or so ago.
63. Document every completed goal on my blog DID IT. See all those links all over the place? Yeah.
64. Post a vlog DID IT times fifty.
65. Keep a plant alive for a year DID IT.
66. Make a filled cake DID IT.
67. Buy a leather jacket Not Gonna Happen pile.
68. Go hiking DID IT.
69. Have high tea somewhere nice DID IT.
70. Go to a cricket match at the MCG DID IT.
71. Buy a new chest of drawers Not Gonna Happen pile.
72. Celebrate my second blogoversary with a giveaway DID IT.
73. Design a blog banner Not Gonna Happen pile, on account of Kim made my blog all pretty and stuff.
74. Design a blog button One day, I'll get around to doing this, I swear...
75. Try archery I still want to try this. But my local archery club's open session is at 10am on a Sunday, and the chances of me being up and dressed and out of the house by that time are slim to none!
76. Finish Lego Harry Potter on Wii DID IT.
77. Get business cards made for my blog DID IT.
78. Get my eyes tested Oof. I should really do this at some point in the next little while. But EYEBALL PHOBIA OMG.
79. Buy an expensive piece of jewellery for my 30th DID IT.
80. Go to a farmer's market DID IT.
81. Create a Facebook page for my blog DID IT (although now that only like 10% of people who like the page see your posts, I wonder what the point is...)
82. Wear a skirt or dress every day for a week Not Gonna Happen pile.
83. Read a book in a day (at least 250 pages) DID IT.
84. Adopt a dog Not Gonna Happen pile.
85. Print and frame some of my best photos I bought the frame like 2 years ago. I just need to work out which photos I want to put in it and get them printed (because of COURSE the frame takes 5x7 prints, not the standard 4x6)
86. Watch two movies at the cinema on the same day Didn't happen thanks to there not being two movies that I wanted to see out at the same time. Although I'm kind of tempted to do this with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Lego Movie...
87. Go ice skating Womp womp. I thought about doing this when I was in DC last year, but we were told that we weren't allowed to... There are a couple of ice rinks in Melbourne though, it's just insanely pricey...
88. Go stargazing Another epic fail. I hoped that the clouds would clear when Ness and I were at Waitomo looking at glowworms, but I guess they don't call it the Land of the Long White Cloud for nothing!
89. Spend a rainy day watching movies in my PJs DID IT. I crossed off three AFI movies in one day thanks to this. Although one of them was Platoon, which caused immense trauma...
90. Influence someone to make a Day Zero list DID IT.
91. Make a list of 50 places I want to visit in my lifetime (50/50) DID IT.
92. Plan a kickarse 30th birthday DID IT.
93. Go to bed before 11pm every night for a fortnight (0/14) Not Gonna Happen pile.
94. Watch Doctor Who (the new ones) DID IT.
95. Make a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs (101/101) DID IT.
96. Save all coins smaller than 50c and go shopping at the end DID IT. You guys, I have $39.80. It's going to be the shortest shopping trip in history.
97. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet (0/26) I had plans for like half the letters. I didn't once take a photo. Fail.
98. Go out for dinner to celebrate the end of the challenge (1 April 2014) I ate green chicken curry in front of My Kitchen Rules instead. Womp womp.
99. Try 5 new cocktails (5/5) DID IT.
100. Seriously investigate doing my PhD DID IT.
101. Donate $10 to charity for each unfinished goal Not Gonna Happen pile.

So, in total? I finished 58 of my 101 tasks, and have given myself a partial credit/"I'll do/finish this someday" for another 12. 25 of them ended up on the Not Gonna Happen pile due to changing circumstances or "WTF was I thinking??" or (mostly) a lack of money to actually be able to do them. Which leaves me with a grand total of FIVE TASKS that were a flat out fail. Which isn't too shabby when you look at it like that!

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to do another 101 in 1001 list. There were things that I really enjoyed about it. But I also ended up feeling guilty any time I went a month without crossing something off or when I knew something was going to be a fail. So I don't know. Maybe I'll switch to a Life List, like Deidre has, that can be constantly changing and evolving and which doesn't have a timeframe associated with it!

What do you think? 101 in 1001 or Life List?

K xx

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