Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TTT - Bookish Bucket List

It's time to link up with the Broke and the Bookish again!

Today's topic is about the things that are on our bookish bucket lists.

1. Own every Discworld book. 
It's no secret that I adore Terry Pratchett's books. I have about half the books in the Discworld series, and my brother has about ten that I don't have. (Given that he's moved to London and left them in my wardrobe, do you think that means they're mine now??) But I'd really like to own them all. And to replace the two I have in US editions, because the covers are AWFUL.

2. Have a floor to ceiling bookshelf.
From the time I was a little kid, I've secretly wanted a floor to ceiling bookshelf, preferably with a slidey ladder. ONE DAY, SLIDEY LADDER, YOU WILL BE MINE.

3. Read all of Charles Dickens' novels.
I'm not doing too badly on this one - I've read Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby, Our Mutual Friend, A Tale of Two Cities, Hard Times, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and David Copperfield. But I still have Barnaby Rudge, The Old Curiosity Shop, Martin Chuzzlewit, Dombey and Son, and The Pickwick Papers to go. 

4. Stay at the Library Hotel in New York. 
One of my lecturers told us about this place during our cataloguing subject, and OMG I WANT TO STAY THERE SO MUCH. A hotel based around Dewey numbers where each room has its own little library? AMAZING. I don't care how much it costs, I have to stay there at some point. 

5. Read 200 books in a year.
I've been tracking how many books I've read for the past three years thanks to Goodreads, and I don't seem to be able to get past 175 in a year. I'd really like to hit 200 though. It's such a nice round number... I'm on track to do so this year, so hopefully I can keep up the pace and break through that 175 barrier! 

6. Visit Jane Austen's house in Chawton.
Because of reasons. 

7. Read War and Peace.
Mostly because I want to be able to say I've read War and Peace. I'm torn between reading it on Kindle so that I can actually hold it (I reread Les Miserables last year, and carting it around was a nightmare!) and getting the Penguin Classics edition and all its associated helpful end notes...

8. Own a card catalogue file. 
I have a weird obsession with little drawers that's been going on since I was a kid. Having an old card catalogue file would be the perfect place to stash all kinds of stuff.

9. Own a first edition of something well known.
And I'm not talking about stuff where I own a first edition because I bought it two days after it came out and then it became well known. I'm talking the classics.

10. See a Shakespeare play at the Globe. 
Preferably not standing room seats, because good LORD that is a long time to be standing. But the experience would be a little more authentic that way, so I'm not going to turn my nose up at anything! 

What's on your bookish bucket list?

K xx


  1. Floor to ceiling shelf with a slidey ladder, I'm there with you. I've wanted bookshelves I need a ladder for since I was a little kid. Actually I wanted my own private library, like they have in old timey movies.
    The Library Hotel sounds really cool, maybe one day I will get to stay there as well.
    War and Peace, I even bought my own copy last year since I've been searching my Grandmas bookshelves up and down for years because she insisted she owned it. Well, now I only have to read it...and then Gone with the Wind as that is also such a small and handy book, ahem.

  2. OMG I HAVE TO STAY AT THE LIBRARY HOTEL. That sounds so amazing! :)

  3. Uhh.. visit Jane Austens home! Thats a good one! ^^

  4. Uhh.. visit Jane Austens home! That's a good one! ^^

  5. OMG 200 in one year??!! That's insane...and yet I think I would love to do that eventually, too. ;) I'm on 57 now, sooo maybe I could even get there. ZOMG YES TO THE LADDERS. That's on my list too. It's obviously the ultimate dream, eh? ;) My TTT!

  6. 4. I'd never heard of the Library Hotel but now I want to stay there too.

    7. On my list this week as well. Kind of a reading rite of passage, I reckon.

    8. Go and visit Rory at Fourth Street Review - she restored an old card catalogue last year and you can see the pics on her blog - we were all very jealous!

  7. I read Gone with the Wind in three days when I was twelve. It may be enormous but it doesn't exactly require a lot of brain power to focus on the story! (Although that might be different when you're reading in your second language..........)

  8. DOESN'T IT JUST?!?!?! I sort of wish the rooms were decorated in a way that matches their individual Dewey numbers, but that might get a little creepy if you were in room 365 or 393 or 592 or 618...

  9. Thanks! I wanted to put "visit the Bronte's home" on there too, but I ran out of numbers.

  10. I'm sitting on 63 at the moment and am 24 books ahead of schedule for my 175 goal. So IN THEORY, I can slow down a little from here and still hit 200!

  11. Yeah, I feel like if you're a book nerd you have to read War and Peace at least once!

    And thanks - I'll definitely go and check out the pictures! :)

  12. Oh I want to stay at the library hotel too!

  13. I think I was at the Bronte's home when I was in the UK but I'm not sure and I also had no clue who they were back then so this kind of sucks. If it was that, it was really pretty though and had a nice garden but I may be mistaken.

  14. Nah, Granny has Gone with the Wind in German but I also don't have too much of a problem reading in English except when it comes to the Classics like Dickens and Austen. Somehow reading them in English doesn't work that well for me but for example Virginia Woolf? No problem. Though I really am not a fast reader, but that's regardless of the language unless it is something like the last HP book which I devoured in 2 days (in English).

  15. Alysia Gray PainterMarch 25, 2014 at 11:41 PM

    Ohhh, Library Hotel. I'd love to stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel on the Oregon Coast. All the rooms are named/themed after authors and the restaurant -- wait for it -- is called the Tables of Contents. Oh yes it is. http://www.sylviabeachhotel.com/

  16. Alysia Gray PainterMarch 25, 2014 at 11:42 PM

    Also? SLIDEY LADDER. Want.

  17. Would love a bookshelf/library with a ladder! So cool! :)

    Great list :)
    Here's mine!

  18. We have V Mars, X-Files & Austen in common. . . Yea! I saved your link in my book blogger blogroll on my site! www.she-read.blogspot.com

  19. OOOOO I hadn't thought of some of these. And OMG A LIBRARY HOTEL IN NYC??????? I NEED TO GO RIGHT NOW!

  20. Ooh, ooh! I, too, want a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a slidey ladder. Aaahhhhhhhhh. And I'd looooove a first edition of a classic, for sure!

  21. I think everyone secretly wants a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a slidey ladder based on the comments!

  22. OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO TO THERE. I don't know if I want to stay in the Austen room or the JK Rowling room more...

  23. In reality, the ladder would probably get incredibly annoying. BUT I JUST WANT ONE SO MUCH.

  24. I never fail to be impressed by your language skills. Even after like 12 years of French classes, the best I could manage was reading an X-Files novel that I'd already read in English!

  25. I'm glad you find my language skills impressive. I earned all my English brownie points through watching tons of shows in English and reading. I read more books in English than German these days. But rest assured, I was always on the brink of failling my classes until 10th grade. Something about reading Animal Farm made my brain get an EUREKA! moment which I'm grateful for.

  26. I've wanted a slidey ladder since Beauty and the Beast. For a long time, that movie defined my version of a dream library.

    Also THAT HOTEL. Snark Lady trip? ;)

  27. I would love to stay at the Library Hotel! There's a great literary hotel in Portland (I think it's the Heathman?) and the have a literary package. I love how this is a Top Ten Tuesday. You may want to link up to the original Bookish Bucket List at http://www.thebookwheelblog.com/50-bookishthings/, too!


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