Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Zealand - the flailing with excitement edition

Previously, Ness and I hung out with glowworms in Waitomo.

The day after our great glowworm expedition, we were on the road bright and early because we had an almost three hour drive to Auckland ahead of us, and planes to catch. After some slower-than-intended travel due to crappy weather, we made it to the airport with enough time to have lunch - at 11am! - before heading to our respective flights. Ness was bound for Christchurch and the south island, while I was heading for Wellington and Kim(!!!!).

The flight was relatively unexciting, which is interesting because apparently Wellington landings can be a little on the...unexpected side. But ours was pretty chilled. I met Kim at the airport with much excited squealing and hugging. It was something along these lines:
After a quick detour through the terminal to see the giant Gollum, we headed out to the bus and back to Kim's. Once there and prepared with copious quantities of snacks, we spent the afternoon snarking our way through the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, which was even more terrible than either of us had anticipated. Thanks a lot, Moffat... Then we decided to watch Captain America as a palate cleanser.

That was followed by a few levels of Lego Marvel Superheroes, because we're cool like that. And because we're nerds awesome, our playing went something like this:

Me: Who am I? Oh, I'm Tony. Okay. Whoa, I can blow things up, wheeeeeee!! *flies around randomly*
Kim: Shit, I accidentally turned back into Bruce. HULK OUT, BRUCE, YOU LITTLE SHIT.
Me: I'm stuck in a corner. Why am I stuck in a corner??? Oh, because Abomination breathed on me and his bad breath knocked me across the room. Okay. Sure.
Kim: Oh my God. I just made Cap twerk. I'm just going to stand here twerking for the rest of the level, okay?
Me: Ugh, Reid Richards, nobody likes you. OH MY GOD. KIM. KIM. KIM KIM KIM.
Me: I think he just turned himself into a pair of pliers. I AM DEAD.
Kim: Of COURSE Clark Gregg is the voice of Coulson. Of COURSE.
Me: Oh shit, I just shot Clint's hair off. Aaaaaand he fell off a cliff. Whoops?

So yeah. It was awesome, basically.

The next day, we headed into the city and wandered around the shops for a while before heading to Te Papa. We started out looking at the creep-tastic giant squid and the other natural history stuff before heading upstairs to the special exhibition of Aztec awesomeness, which of course is now coming to Melbourne for the Winter Masterpieces. (It's awesome, you should go) Then we wandered around the rest of the museum, looking at art and cultural stuff and a small child who had light up gumboots that we both immediately decided we wanted.

And the sun decided to come out for approximately five minutes YAY:

On our way out, we went through the gift shop where I found this rather spectacular Christmas decoration. I was half tempted to buy a whole bunch of them, but ultimately decided that would be overkill:

We headed back to the city centre to buy tickets to see Thor: The Dark World (because OBVIOUSLY. Also because Tom Hiddleston), and then ended up at a pub/brewery/thing on the waterfront with a few drinks and a highly nutritious dinner of chips and wedges. We met one of Kim's friends from work there, who hadn't seen the movie before. Which is how we ended up spending a lot of the movie laughing over all of her reactions to the things we knew were coming. It was magical, and someone needs to hurry up and invent teleportation before Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out so that Kim and I can see it together.

Next up, the rest of Wellington, featuring noisy children and a lot of kiwis. (The birds, not the fruit)

K xx


    *snorts* twerking Cap will never get old. Ever.

  2. Potatoes are vegetables, therefore chips are good for you. (I really need to convince my parents on this reasoning, though.) I'm kind of torn whether it would be awesome to see a giant Gollum or...freak me out. XD

  3. 10 billion billion points for the greatest gif of all time and another billion billion for the most epic play time of EVER!

  4. It was FABULOUS. Like, I'm still not over how fabulous it was.

  5. The giant Gollum was pretty cool, but also totally freaky: I still don't know how to feel about it.

  6. I was playing earlier and made Cap twerk for a couple of minutes just for old times sake. I MISS YOUR FACE COME VISIT ME.

  7. The word Fabulous was invented for you guys!


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