Monday, March 24, 2014

Movie Monday - Veronica Mars

Okay, so the VMars movie has been out for just over a week now, which seems a sufficient length of time for us to talk about our thoughts, yes? Still, I'm going to stick things below a jump cut for the sake of anyone who still hasn't had a chance to see it. YOU'RE WELCOME, SLACKERS.

Overall, I adored every second of it. It was so much fun, and so great to see all my favourite characters back on my screen again. Obviously, being me, I had a lot of thoughts about it. Let's start with the stuff that I absolutely loved, shall we?

  • Veronica and all her extreme sassiness.
  • Mac!!
  • Wallace.
  • Veronica and Logan because OMG FLAILING ALL THE FLAILS MY BABIES AAAAAAAAAAH!!! Yes, I fully recognise that there were serious issues with their relationship throughout the series, but I still ship them like whoa.
  • Dick. I've always had a weird soft spot for him because even though he's a total douchebag, he's so fucking funny. He was no exception here.
  • All the throwbacks to the show. Like Keith's "Who's your daddy?" line. And Veronica impersonating a reporter to get information from the sheriff. And Wallace raiding the student records. 
  • LEO. OMG, his appearance was fabulous. 
  • The cameos - James Franco, Dax Shepard, Justin Long.
DEAD. Also, source.
  • Jerry O'Connell. He managed to be even more douchey than the original Sheriff Lamb.
  • Piz finally standing up for himself and dumping Veronica.
  • Facepunching Madison. I waited for that moment through the whole three seasons of the show. 
  • Vinnie van Lowe. AMAZING.

Okay, now for the stuff that I thought needed more explanation:

  • Weevil going back to the gang. That was weird. Like, what did his hot wife think?!?! I NEEDED MORE DETAIL, DAMMIT. Actually, there was just insufficient Weevil overall... 
  • Logan being in the military wasn't sufficiently explained for me. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I was 100% convinced he was doing An Officer and a Gentleman bit at the start, and then the only explanation we got was "I heard about this" from V, and then a "you fly fighter planes for your country" from the fanboying lawyer. Would it have killed them to have had a two minute scene of "After you left, I realised I couldn't keep going the way I had. So I cleaned up my act, finished college, and joined the navy."???? 
  • Veronica giving up on being a lawyer. Because all I could think about was her student loans. Couldn't she have added a legal side to Mars Investigations, effectively taking over from Cliff?? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her going back to what she loves. But ohmygodthestudentloans.

Things that bugged me:

  • Lilly not being in the memorial slideshow. Probably hard to work because Amanda Seyfried's all famous and shit now. But I kind of wish she'd been in there.
  • The Piz/Veronica relationship. It just felt like it was pandering to the fans (let's be honest - it probably was), and they totally could have found a way to include him in the story WITHOUT it being a romantic relationship. Also, I don't really buy Veronica going from "Piz dumped me" to "Logan sexytimes" in like six hours.


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  1. You have pretty much all the same thoughts on the movie as me! I always loved Deputy Leo, and although I started off the show really hating Logan, eventually I came around on him and now I ship him and Veronica like crazy. And in the movie, he'd grown up enough that everything I initially didn't like about him was gone.

    I actually didn't recognize Dax Shepard, so it was only after I came home and read about the movie online that I realized why everyone was cracking up at the drunk guy in the bar!

    Lilly was a grade ahead of the rest of them, so that's why she wasn't in the slideshow.

    And YES, I felt the same way about her being a lawyer! I was cringing thinking about her student loans.

  2. I totally agree about needing Lily in there and hating Logan in tight white pants & a hat! Eww! Here's my full breakdown. Let me know what you think of my analysis. :)
    I also book blog at

  3. I hated Logan so much for like the first ten episodes. And then when I saw how awful his parents were, I started to come around. And when he did his "If you have a problem with Veronica, GTFO" speech at the party, I knew I adored him despite all his flaws.

    I totally forget about Lilly being a year ahead of them at school. I guess I always assumed that she and Duncan were twins...

  4. I just watched it this weekend so luckily I've skipped all the spoilers. That Piz and Veronica to Veronica and Logan bit moved too fast for me. Surely if you dated someone for 10 years, you don't jump into someone's bed and be that comfortable? And I missed Weevil sooo much. But the movie was like going to meet an old best friend and finding that things are still the same. Dad Mars is just AWESOME!

  5. I didn't mind the uniform hat as much as the stupid trucker's hat. I mean, I know it was a spy camera and all that so it would inevitably going to look weird on his head. But DAMN, that thing was awful!

  6. I thought that at first about Veronica and Piz too, but it turns out that she mentioned pretty early on that they'd only been dating for a year... (Another thing that needed to be clearer/better explained!)

    But STILL. You don't break up with someone after being together for a year and then bang your ex on the same day. But it's a lot better than doing it after ten years!

  7. I must watch/clarify this again. The end of the last episode, I figured they were together. So basically they hooked up again in New York after 9 years? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. You're right, they could've explained it better!

  8. I KNOW. I think it was something to do with her transferring to Stamford after season 3 finished. But it definitely required more explanation...


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