Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dessert Day - pie edition

Monday in Melbourne was Labour Day. And to honour all those who stood up and complained that working more than eight hours a day is a suckfest, we had a day off. WHEEEEEEEEEE. Obviously, said day off led to to the making of Dessert Day plans.

Perhaps the most significant revolutionary event to happen at Dessert Day was that Deidre and I decided to revolutionise the way in which we select which movie to watch. Prior to now, we've had a "watch all the things that we collectively own by one actor" approach, which means that the last...three? four?? Dessert Days have been accompanied by the works of Hugh Grant. But NOW? We're going to play a game of leapfrog, where we pick one actor from the previous movie and watch something else that they're in. As a result our viewing will now look something like this:

Two Weeks Notice (Monday's selection) --> The Proposal --> 27 Dresses --> Enchanted --> Sweet Home Alabama --> Legally Blonde.


ANYWAY. We decided to make gluten free apple pie, on account of Deidre and Inspector Climate recently went to Tasmania, and he tortured her by eating apple pie that she couldn't have on account of gluten. Plus, everybody loves pie.
Too right, Dean. Also, source.

We used Smitten Kitchen's all butter pastry recipe, but made it in the food processor because we're lazy time was at a premium. We made it exactly as per the instructions in the book, using White Wings gluten free flour (by weight, not cup measurements) and drizzling the water in slowly, as gluten free flour often doesn't need as much liquid (which proved to be the case here).

Once the pastry was in the fridge thinking about what it had done, we set to work preparing the apples. Smitten Kitchen's recipe for deep dish apple pie (which I can't link to because it's only in her recipe book) required five pounds of apples. We decided against using the springform tin and crumbly/streusel-y topping in favour of a pie that had a full pastry lid, and we adjusted the amount of apples accordingly. We started with somewhere around the 1.75kg mark, and 1.5kg probably would have been about right as it turned out.

We broke out a peeler, corer and slicer that Deidre and Inspector Climate received as a wedding present, which was both terrifying and excellent. I suspect we would still be peeling and slicing apples otherwise...

How the apples came out of the magical doohickey.

From there, we mixed the apple slices with the juice of one lemon, 100g of sugar, 30g of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and a decent sprinkling of cinnamon. Then we rolled out the dough for the base (read: mostly Deidre. I suck at dough rolling. It always ends up totally wonky shapes) and flipped it into the pan. Once we'd done that, it was starting to get pretty soft, so we chucked it back in the fridge for five minutes to firm up a little.

It looked pretty promising once it came out again. Then we filled it and it looked even MORE promising:

And then we rolled out the lid, put that on, and added some decoration and an egg wash so it would brown nicely:

We also had enough apples left over to fill three ramekins, although not enough pastry to make lids for them. So we just cut out shapes instead and placed them randomly over the top. Then it was into the oven at 180 degrees C for half an hour, followed by a further hour at a little over 160 degrees C. An hour and a half (and some Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock ridiculousness) later, we had a pie!

The recipe recommends letting it cool to lukewarm, then putting it in the fridge, but that was FAR too much waiting, considering we'd already waited an hour and a half. So we let it cool for as long as it took to watch an episode of Will & Grace, and then cut into it.

It wasn't pretty, but it was DELICIOUS. The pastry was nice and flakey and the apple wasn't too sweet (the original recipe said 200g of sugar for 5lb of apples. We used 100g for a little under 4lb). In the future, I'd probably add some nutmeg and a pinch each of allspice and cloves just to give it that extra-autumn-y flavour and smell.

In short, pie is delicious. And this will give you just enough time to get all your supplies together for Pi Day! YOU'RE WELCOME.

K xx


  1. This looks really nice!

  2. I still can't quite get over how good the pastry was!

  3. You are absolutely KILLING ME. I LOVE ME SOME PIE TOO. (Dean is awesome, ahem, also so is apples cored like that.)

  4. It was pretty damned tasty, that's for sure.

  5. I KNOW. I was fully expecting it to be a crumbly disaster that didn't cook properly. BUT NO!!

  6. Clearly, you should make pie for Pi Day tomorrow. It's only appropriate ;)


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