Friday, March 7, 2014

101 in 1001: the stuff that won't be happening

There are now a whopping 25 days left of my 101 in 1001 challenge (plus the six hours that are remaining of today, but that doesn't really count), and I still have a fairly staggering forty eight tasks that aren't completed. There will be a few more crossed off between now and 1 April, but a decent chunk of them definitely won't be finished.

The fact of the matter is that when I wrote this list, I wasn't anticipating going back to university. I wasn't expecting to spend the vast majority of the 1001 days without a job. I didn't foresee a world in which I'd be trying to break into a new field AGAIN. As a result, a decent number of the tasks require money, which is something that I'm lacking at the moment. There are other tasks which lie abandoned simply because I'm not the same person I was when I put them on the list. I look at them periodically and think "I should really do something about that...". And then I forget about it for another two months.

Still, I think the fact that I managed to cross off 52 tasks (thus far) is pretty damned good, given that a lot of them (i.e. "Read 100 new books") contained multiple parts!

So. Let's get to the stuff that won't be happening, shall we?

2. Visit somewhere new in Australia.
One of those pesky money requiring ones. I had this vague idea that it would be somewhere like Kangaroo Island or Broome. Instead, the most exciting new place I've been to in the past three years was Melbourne's western suburbs. And I'm not sure that even remotely counts.

4. Live offline for a weekend.
Bitch, please. Our internet went down a few weekends ago. I lasted two of the most boring hours of my life before I was ready to use my entire data allowance in one go.

12. Jog every day for a week.
I hate jogging/running. It hurts my knees and my boobs and it's one of the few remaining things that kicks in my exercise-induced asthma. Quite why I thought I should jog every day for a week is beyond me, considering the Couch to 5K is only three times a week... Anyway, I could cheat and jog leisurely around the block every day. But that's just cheating.

13. Move out of home again.
Requires paying rent, which requires having money, which requires having a job. Next.

20. Put away $20 for every completed task.
This was a nice idea. And maybe if I'd done it gradually, it would have worked. But to now come up with $1,040 is a bit of a big ask.

23. Paint a room.
This one was put on there because when I wrote the list, my little brother and his (now ex-)girlfriend were looking at buying a house. The houses they were looking at all needed a little bit of fixing up, which would have let me cross this one off the list. Then they gave up on looking for a house, and this task has languished pathetically ever since.

24. Go to the opera.
Two reasons why this hasn't happened: 1. Opera is expensive, 2. For some reason, I had it in my head that the opera in question would be The Marriage of Figaro. Rudely, Opera Australia (and Opera Victoria, for that matter) have refused to bow to my whim to see The Marriage of Figaro. And I haven't had the urge to fork out a fairly large sum of money to see any of the operas they've ACTUALLY staged.

26. Go to the symphony.
See reason 1 above. Also an adapted version of reason 2, wherein I wasn't interested enough in anything they were doing to go. Except for the Doctor Who Spectacular, and I didn't realise that was on until it was sold out. Womp womp.

27. Sing karaoke.
I think I forgot about the part where I can barely talk in front of a group of more than three people without combusting in embarrassment. God only knows why I thought I could sing karaoke...

32. Buy an original piece of art.
I still really REALLY want to do this. But art costs money. Are you starting to see a trend here??

34. Learn a new piece on the piano.
I think Past!Kirsti had big ideas of getting back into music and mental images of something resembling Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley. Present!Kirsti acknowledges that she doesn't remember how to read bass clef, was never very good at piano anyway, and doesn't have the motivation to practice. Plus, our piano hasn't been tuned in at least 10 years.

38. Take a photography class.
I could take one online for free, but I'm pretty sure that I'd learn more being in a room with other people and actually getting feedback on my photos. Which would cost money.

48. Voluntarily add to my superannuation.
Look, I could have added like $20 to my super and called it done. But that wasn't the original idea, so it's not going to happen.

49. Voluntarily pay off some of my student debt.
LOL, WHOOPS. Instead of paying some of it off, I added $30,000 to it. My bad...

50. Plan a weekend getaway with friends.
I'm not actually convinced that I'm a weekend getaway person... Plus, given that most of the friends I would actually go on a weekend getaway with live Places That Are Not Melbourne (Or, Indeed, Australia), this would be more than a little tricky.

51. Attend a midnight premiere.
I don't think I thought about the fact that a midnight premiere would finish at like 2.30am, and that I'm basically allergic to leaving the house any later than 7.30.

52. See Geelong play a game at Kardinia Park.
Tickets for Geelong home games are basically as scarce as hen's teeth unless you're a member. Sad panda.

60. Take a self portrait at least once a month.
I failed this one in the very first month of my challenge. I haven't really gotten any better.

67. Buy a leather jacket.
One that would have been a lot easier if the trend for leather jackets in recent years hadn't involved zips that run diagonally from one hip to the opposite shoulder, a look that REALLY doesn't work when you have boobs.

71. Buy a new chest of drawers. 
Not only does this cost money, but I realised that it would basically be wasted money because my chest of drawers is basically empty.

73. Design a blog banner.
Why would I, when Kim designed me such a pretty pretty blog??

82. Wear a skirt or dress every day for a week.
Um. I have no idea why I put this on here. I think I was still in the wake of marvelling at the fact that Kat did Frocktober. I, on the other hand, basically hate skirts and dresses. I own like three skirts and four dresses, all but two of which are too fancy for everyday wear.

84. Adopt a dog.
I would dearly love to do this. But I don't have the money to feed or groom a dog, let alone taking it to the vet. And it would be enormously unfair on my parents, given that most rental properties in Australia don't allow pets...

93. Go to bed before 11pm every night for a fortnight.
Well this was just stupid. Every WEEKNIGHT for a fortnight would have made sense. But every night?? Considering I don't get up until after 10am most weekends, I would have been staring at the ceiling until 2am on a couple of nights in here. I do still think I need to go to bed earlier, though...

101. Donate $10 to charity for each unfinished goal.
Uh, yeah, I don't have $480. Even not including the ones here and even if I cross off a couple more tasks in the next couple of weeks, I won't have the money to do this. Sorry, charity. I'll make it up to you...

Welp. At least a 25% failure rate. That's pretty terrible.

Have you ever given up on goals?

K xx


  1. Wilhelmina UptonMarch 7, 2014 at 7:40 PM

    I think it's completely okay to say: Hey, these things I came up with a whle ago are not feasible right now for me or my outlook on them has changed. Even though this was a finite list of things you should allow yourself some wiggle-room there. Personally, I wouldn't count the not crossing off of these things a failure. Things change, life happens, boo-hoo. You did a LOT of things and that's what counts, don't dwell on the other things. Glass half-full concept ;)

  2. I totally agree with Wilhemina. Life changes, people change - and that's cool. I think that's partly why I'm so loathe to do one of these challenges or add things to my life list, because I want to make sure it is something that i really want to do in my life.

  3. 52 things is a HUGE number! You should be proud. I usually do an annual audit of my list because it's impossible to not change and want different things in the 1001 days (I'm on my second list) - I've taken things off my list like - get a tattoo (I've obviously grown out of that phase), adopt a cat (I'm allergic to them), sing karaoke (same reasons as you). I do hope you celebrate all the tasks you did mark complete though!

  4. Goals change. Case in point: you going back to school. And just because you didn't do all these things within the timeframe you'd set doesn't mean you never will do the ones you still want to do.

  5. In hindsight, I probably should have been monitoring the things on there as I went, and changing them when they became implausible rather than just waiting until the end and then being like "NOT GONNA HAPPEN, WHOOPS". Oh well.

  6. Plus, I mean, you've got that whole cheese list going on. And that's enough to keep anyone busy! ;)

  7. Yeah, an annual audit probably would have been a good plan. And I am pleased with the things that I crossed off. It just feels like I've crossed off all the small stuff and that the big stuff got left undone. You know?

  8. I know what you mean. But it doesn;t mean you stop having this list at the end of these 1001 days. You can just move those on to the next list.


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