Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TTT - Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader

It's time to link up with the Broke and the Bookish again!

Today's topic has to do with being a blogger (more specifically, a book blogger) and a reader. 

1. ARCs.
Free books? YES PLEASE.

2. Interacting with authors.
This is more a Twitter or Tumblr thing that anything else, but there are so many authors now who are more than happy to talk to their fans, and who actually take the time to read the reviews you write, and who clearly actually read the tweets and messages that people send (see: Stephanie Perkins, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Patrick Ness, Alysia Gray Painter and Joanne Harris).

3. Millions of new worlds to discover.
Need an escape from reality? What better place to find it than a book!

4. The friends.
I've made the most amazing friends all over the world through blogging, and I am so indescribably grateful for each and every one of them.

5. Branching out and reading new stuff.
Sometimes you'll come across a book that's not in your usual sphere of interest, but a fellow book nerd has written a rave review, or a friend emails you and is all "READ THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY". So you take a chance, and it's amazing.

6. Recommending books to friends.
See above, but in reverse. Sometimes you find a book that no one else knows about and it's so fabulous that you want to sing its praises from the rooftops.

7. Getting to talk about books all the time without people thinking you're crazy.
This was one of the best parts of doing a Masters in librarianship - hanging out all day with people who are as passionate about books as I am, and think nothing of hour-long conversations about nothing but books. The book blogger community is pretty much the same thing. 

8. It's a cheaper addiction than most.
Sure, books aren't exactly cheap (especially in Australia...). But you can get them from secondhand shops or in ARC form or from friends or on sale or from the library for free. Try doing that with other addictions. 

9. Learning new things.
There's a book out there on pretty much any subject you can think of - I mean, there's one on the history of swearing! All you have to do is open a book and you're automatically learning new things. 

10. Books make me happy.
I've reached the point now where I can't sleep unless I read for at least 20 minutes first. There is no crappy day that can't be made at least a little bit better with the addition of a book.

What's on your top ten list?

K xx


  1. These are all very valid points that I can only agree with! I love that you can have interactions with the authors you read and they actually take an interest in what you think or do as the reader. That's pretty neat. As are ARCs of course.
    And, of course, the friends we make in this unreal place that is the internet.

  2. Great list here's mine: http://ramblingsofabookworm3.blogspot.com/2014/02/top-ten-tuesday-1-top-ten-reasons-i.html

  3. I like that I've read so many books I would never have found otherwise! :-) I'm grateful to all of the book bloggers for this! I've definitely stepped outside the genre. Great list!

  4. YES. Being a blogger/reader is seriously the best. I love NetGally, I love conntecting to authors, I have an excuse to talk about books all of the time... and I love your faces. Yours of course Kirsti, but all of our friends.

  5. I love this topic and seeing everyone's reasons for being a reader and blogger.

    Awesome list <3

    Here's our TTT

    Doris @ OABR

  6. Yes, I totally love your list! Free books are intensely awesome, I won't lie, and getting to promote/fangirl/blog/tweet about them?!! It's my ultimate wish come true!!! (Also, yay for Aussie book bloggers! And why are book so expensive here?! *sigh* The world is conspiring against us.) Here's my TTT!!

  7. The cost of books here is just getting more and more ridiculous. At least now there's an Australian site for Kindle books - the international transactions fees on EVERY PURCHASE were killing me!


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