Thursday, February 6, 2014

The easiest cheesecake of ever

So as you may well know if you've been friends with me for any length of time, yesterday was World Nutella Day. As Deidre now has a job (RUDE), I was forced to celebrate on my own. Given that it's approximately a million degrees in Melbourne (AGAIN) this week, I decided to keep things simple and go with something that wouldn't require me to use the oven. Pinterest failed me, because all the no-bake Nutella things on there seem to require a tub of Cool Whip, which a) you can't get in Australia and b) I would refuse to use anyway because I'm pretty sure it's not actually food and is instead a giant tub full of chemicals.


Luckily, Google delivered in the form of Chocolate Suze's No Bake Nutella Cheesecake. And she really wasn't kidding when she said it was super easy. I used Leda brand arrowroot biscuits for the base, because I needed it to be gluten free, and they were surprisingly awesome. Annoyingly, gluten free biscuits only seem to come in 200g packets when you need 250g, but OH WELL. I also used unsalted butter because that's what we happened to have and also because I really don't like salted butter. I added the butter a little bit at a time because sometimes with gluten free stuff, the quantities of wet ingredients are a little on the high side, and I probably had 5-10g of melted butter left over at the end.

Other than that, the only alteration I made was to stick the jar of Nutella in the microwave for about 20 seconds, just so that it was easier to get out! It looked pretty promising when it went into the fridge:

When I took it out of the fridge five hours later and popped the springform pan, the cheesecake started to split. But that was quickly fixed by locking the pan shut again and running a butter knife around the inside to loosen it!

The verdict? It's pretty rich but totally delicious. The arrowroot biscuits help cut through some of the sweetness and I was really REALLY surprised at how well it set considering there's no eggs or gelatine in it and it wasn't baked. Plus, I had the whole thing made and in the fridge within about 20 minutes. TOO EASY.

How did you celebrate World Nutella Day?

K xx


  1. Wait... there's a World Nutella Day? and I missed it? I'll just have to make it up to Nutella by celebrating an entire week :D

    I'm seriously going to try this though. I love cheesecake. I love Nutella. Perfect combo!


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