Friday, February 7, 2014

Stuff. And things.

I had plans for writing a proper post today, but it's 7.10pm on a Friday and it was a million degrees today, so my brain has melted into a useless puddle. So here, have some random bullet points of stuff I haven't mentioned instead. YAY.
  • I got to work this morning and the heel fell off my sandal. Thank God school libraries are basically craft supplies central, because it meant I could pull out the hot glue gun and fix the problem.
  • You can now get a browser extension that replaces Tony Abbott's face with kittens. Not his actual face. Or actual kittens. (Which is highly unfortunate) Pictures of his face. Replaced by pictures of kittens. Whatever, it's genius. Now if only there were a puppy version...
  • I've been watching Siberia over the past few days, and I genuinely can't decide whether it's genius or completely bizarre. 
  • Little Miss A phoned me earlier to tell me that she's finished a 348 page book. I had to fight the urge to high five the phone, Barney Stinson style.
  • We got a copy of the Thor: The Dark World novelisation at work today. It includes Thor and Loki bookmarks. Not gonna lie, my Library of Congress bookmark seems a little lame in comparison. 
  • This morning on the bus, my knee got stuck to the seat in front, thanks to someone else's old chewing gum. I'm still a little grossed out. 
  • I'm pretty sure R.L. Stine is just writing Goosebumps books for Tumblr based on this title:
"EVERYTHING was giant. I can't even".
  • I've somehow been sucked into watching My Kitchen Rules. I kind of hate myself for it, because it's pretty freaking awful. But some of the contestants are so vile about everyone else's cooking that I have to keep watching to see them get torn to shreds by the judges when they inevitably make a trainwreck of THEIR dishes. 
  • The National Multicultural Festival is on in Canberra this weekend, and I really wish I was there. Because OMG EAT ALL THE DELICIOUS FOODS. 
  • We have a whopping FOUR EPISODES of Buffy left to cover on Snark Squad, and I am terrifyingly excited about finally being done. 
  • Speaking of Snark Squad, this happened this morning. Excuse me while I use "Shut up, John Green said we're great" as a comeback to things for the rest of forever:


So. How are things with you guys?

K xx


  1. I still can't get over John Green complimenting the Snark Squad. Just... AH! So awesome!



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