Monday, February 24, 2014

Movie Monday: The Way Way Back

I saw this a couple of weeks ago, and loved absolutely every second of it. It's so much fun, despite being packed with feels.

Reasons why The Way Way Back is awesome:
1. Liam James as Duncan. Duncan's a fabulous, misunderstood character, and James plays him brilliantly.
2. Waterslide blockages.
3. Sam Rockwell. Oh my God, he's magnificent. I know him mostly from Iron Man 2 and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so it was great to see him in a slightly less ridiculous role.
4. Lewis' farewell party.
5. Toni Collette. Her character will cause you a crapton of feels, but she's still fabulous.
6. Attempts at breakdancing.
7. Allison Janney. I ADORE Allison Janney, and this is no exception.
8. The ending. All the feels.
9. Hilarious loudspeaker annoucements.
10. Maya Rudolph.
11. Peter and his lazy eye and all the jokes that go along with it.
12. Singing REO Speedwagon on the roof of the car.
13. Jim Rash and Nat Faxon. They not only star in it (brilliantly, I might add), they wrote it and directed it and produced it.
14. Overtaking Owen on the waterslide.
15. Steve Carrell. His character is a total asshat, but he does it SO WELL.
16. This scene:

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Enjoy therapy!"
- "I don't get her face." "Yeah, it's like she fell on it."
- "You disappoint me, kid. You're late. You planning on making a habit of this?" "What?" "You're fired!" "But I just..." "You make a valid point. Welcome back. With benefits."
- "It's called delegation, baby. I read about it in a book about it."
- "So. You're a big fan of REO Speedwagon?" "What?" "Can't Fight This Feeling?" "Oh, no. My mom must have put that on there." "Oh. And you just got to it and thought "what the hell?" I'm going to sing the shit out of it anyway."
- "It's like Spring Break for adults."
- "I wish I could stay here forever." "You're going to love the winters. They're pretty spectacular. Painting houses until it gets too cold, bar backing at some dive, talking to inanimate objects."
- "Seriously, when's the last time you bought jeans?" "My mom buys my jeans." "Good. Always take things literally. How's that working out for you? Does that get you laid?"
- "I don't have a mom, I have two dads. In your face."
- "How long have you been working there?" "Oh, the park? Um, I've always been there. Ever since I was a small Cambodian child. Of course, that was after 'Nam. I was in the shit. Then I joined the circus to become a clown fighter. I know about 46 ways to kill a clown. I hate clowns. I'm kidding except for the part where I really do hate them."

Have you seen it? What did you think?

K xx


  1. I was laughing SO FUCKING HARD at the "Holding Out For a Hero" part and I was the ONLY ONE in the theater laughing, which made me laugh harder.

  2. Allison Janney is just perfection in all things. I adored this movie.

  3. I cackled so hard that I nearly fell off my chair. So I totally get it.

  4. She really is perfect in everything she's in.


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