Friday, January 17, 2014

The power of three will set us free

Yes, it's time for another installment of Kirsti Rewatches Crappy 90s TV Shows And Has A Lot of Thoughts! This time, it's Charmed. Which, as it turns out, was a lot cheesier than I remembered. And considering I started rewatching Charmed in SEPTEMBER, some of my notes now make absolutely no sense to me. YAY.

Anyway, let's get on with Charmed season 1, shall we?

  • Holy crap, this show is so 90s. And why on earth did they half cover up Alyssa Milano's tattoo??
  • The special effects in this show are terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. As are the fashions.
  • OH MY GOD, I'd completely forgotten about Andy's existence. 
  • Oh, please. Prue is in no way an expert in all the things ever, and would in no way be able to identify random stuff from all over the place with one glance.
  • ...demonic Rottweiller???
  • LEO!!! Except that Phoebe's the one flirting with him. Gross.
  • JOHN CHO! And Piper's falling for him. Shame he's dead. Oh. She acknowledged his deadness - "Leave it to me to fall for a dead guy". Oh, honey, you have NO IDEA.
  • Okay, this guy looks older than the woman playing his mother.
  • I have literally no memory of Prue's auction house being evil.
  • Phoebe clearly subscribes to the Buffy Summers School of Bras Are Optional Extras, because I don't think she's worn a bra in a single episode so far...
  • Prue's eye squint when she moves things with her mind is hilarious. Thank God they eventually decided she could flick her hand to do that.
  • LOL, a third eye that shoots laser beams? AWESOME. 
  • Oh my God, there are hunters looking for a wendigo. HELLO, WINCHESTERS.
  • Andy is wearing a brown suit and high top Converse. HELLO, TENTH DOCTOR. 
Complete with judgey face from Darryl. Source.
  • Yaaaay, Leo's back and he's officially a whitelighter!
  • Ahahaha, the boogie man in the basement gave Phoebe evil powers. Whut.
  • Oh my God. Prue's boss is Ted Mosby's mother.
  • ...a magical decoder ring of anti-aging. I can't even. Aaaaaand a trip back to the 1970s to see their mother. Guess Castiel's been hanging around San Francisco! 
  • Please invest in bras. All three of you. PLEASE. 
  • Ahahahaha, Lori Foreman from That 70s Show is in love with a darklighter. 
So there you have it. Did you watch Charmed back in the day? Have you rewatched it since?? Because it's really bad. But the good kind of really bad. You know?

K xx


  1. I love this show so much and I'm so glad someone else I know does! :) It's so funny every time I try and rewatch because it's SO cheesy and the fashions are completely snark-worthy. Also, it's a fun game of Name that Guest Star.

    I LOL every time Prue squints in the first season :)

    1. I really wish I'd taken screenshots of all the awful outfits. But there were just SO MANY OF THEM that it would be an entire blog just talking about how awful they are.

  2. Sad fact: I couldn't even remember Dark Angel enough to remember Michael Weatherly was in it. I was stuck at "IT'S DiNOZZO." I did kind of really like NCIS, so.


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