Thursday, January 9, 2014

Auckland - the "touristy stuff" edition

Oh, hey. Remember how I went to New Zealand like two months ago, and started to tell you all about it but then got sidetracked by Christmas and wrapping up 2013 that I totally forgot to keep telling you about it? Yeah, that.

So on our way back to Kat's place from Bethell's Beach, we stopped off in the centre of town for a little jaunt up Mount Eden. The view is rather spectacular:

The caldera is crazy steep.

The following day, we headed back into town for a wee trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. They had some really fabulous stuff, including moa skeletons, Sir Edmund Hillary's pick axe, an incredible war memorial, and the creepiest golliwog in the history of golliwogs (which are, let's face it, pretty freaking terrifying at the best of times):

Anyway, after that we headed across town to Sale St for a late lunch and a few tasty drinks of the alcoholic persuasion. I had passionfruit cider, which was surprisingly tasty, as well as a pretty delicious pizza, and this fabulous chocolate fondant with raspberry ice cream:

Plus, if you sit outside, there's a great view of the Sky Tower. I call that a win from start to finish.

So there you have it - our last day and a half in Auckland! We didn't do all that much touristy stuff in town, but we got to see a lot of stuff further afield, and I'm really glad we did. Next up, we hit the road and head to Matamata for an adventure.

K xx


  1. If it makes you feel better about your timing, I haven't blogged about Dallas yet. Womp.

    Also, that view looks amazing and that dessert looks even better. And this makes me sad that I'm not in corner of the world at this very moment.


    1. NO HAVE SADS, LOR <3 And yes, you not having blogged about Dallas yet makes me feel a *lot* better.


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