Saturday, November 16, 2013

#readWilkie - the half way mark

Half way through November already? WHAT????

Anyway, it's time to give you guys an update on The Moonstone. I haven't read any of it in the last few days - too busy working and packing and trying to finish Sense and Sensibility before I had to leave for the airport at 5.30 this morning (I succeeded).

But I have three and a half hours of flying time ahead of me, so I have no doubt that I can fit a little Wilkie time in en route to Auckland! (You know, when I'm done abusing the free wifi at Melbourne Airport...)

As for the book itself, I'm loving it. I've just finished Miss Clack's narrative, which was fabulous. I adored Betteredge's narrative - he was the perfect rambling old man, constantly going off on tangents and making hilarious statements and generally being a good egg. Miss Clack, on the other hand, was a completely different kettle of fish. She's a brilliantly crafted character who clearly means well, but she goes about it all wrong. You can practically taste the exasperation from those around her. Her plan for providing Lady Verinder with pamphlets - or excerpts thereof - was hilarious. I kept expecting a stack of pamphlets to pop out of the chimney, like Hogwarts letters.

I'm fairly certain that I remember from my previous readings (which were probably ten years ago) the basic details of the remainder of the story from this point on, so I'm excited to see if I'm right.

I was a little surprised to find how much I've enjoyed taking my time with a book and only reading a couple of chapters per day. I usually plough my way through three or more books a week, so to have 200 pages left of a book when I've been working on it for two weeks is highly unusual for me. But I'm loving it, and may be forced to do it more often!

And on that note, I'm off to board a plane to Auckland.

K xx


  1. Have a lovely trip - I'd love to go out to New Zealand. (I have vague plans to travel there around my 30th in 2015)

    Isn't Miss Clack dreadful? I, too, was reminded of the Hogwarts owls in her desperation to get her message through. I did get the giggles when she was wandering through the house hiding her little books and pamphlets in every corner.

  2. I couldn't help but wonder how accurate Clack's narration was, given her obliviousness to everyone's reactions to her and her prudishness in just about every area of life. This just makes the whole shifting narrators thing all the more interesting though I suppose!

    Enjoy NZ!

  3. It is actually really lovely to read a book slowly and take my time over it. Although I can't deny that it is difficult! All I want to do is read it and discover the clues and reveal the mystery and all that jazz.

    Enjoy your trip - I'm sure Wilkie will make a good travel companion - and I look forward to reading your thoughts at the end of the month!


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