Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Monday: Sense and Sensibility

While we were Dessert Day-ing last week, Deidre and I decided that we were going to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is even more horrifically dated than you'd imagine. Somewhere along the way, we decided that we desperately needed to rewatch every Hugh Grant movie that I own. Sorry, Deidre - I accidentally on purpose started without you...

Reasons why Sense and Sensibility is awesome:
1. Emma Thompson. She not only acted in it, she wrote the screenplay. Because she's a BAMF.
2. Edward covering for Margaret's indignation while hiding in the library. Shortly followed by coaxing Margaret out by listing ridiculous geographical inaccuracies.
3. Kate Winslet. She. Is. Fabulous.
4. Ridiculously oversized hats.
5. Alan Rickman.
6. The costumes.
7. Hugh Grant.
8. Marianne grumpily playing depressing music.
9. Blubbery proposal responses. Especially as it led to this (apologies for the shitty quality):

10. It was directed by Ang Lee. Who apparently swore afterwards that he was never going to work with sheep again. Which worked out great for him until Brokeback Mountain happened...
11. Playing "Spot who's going to be in Harry Potter in 5+ years time". (There are at least six)
12. Hugh Laurie. Oh my God, he is MAGICAL.
13. Awkward ballroom scenes.
14. Imelda Staunton. Fabulous from start to finish.
15. Sisterly bonding.
16. Gemma Jones.
17. The houses. So pretty.
I MEAN, LOOK. Also, source.
18. Marianne sketching Willoughby's silhouette.
19. Mass crying sessions.
20. Apparently they had all kinds of problems onset with horses farting in the middle of takes, and it got to the point where the horses ruined every take and they had to edit them out afterwards. Ahahahahaha.
21. The music.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "At least she can escape Fanny, which is more than I can say for any of us." "You do your best. You have not said a word to her all week." "I have! I have said 'yes' and 'no'."
- "Oh, Miss Dashwood! Forgive me. Do you by any chance have such a thing as a reliable atlas?" "I believe so." "Excellent. I wish to check the position of the Nile. My sister tells me it is in South America." "Oh! No, no. She is quite wrong. For I believe it is in-- Belgium." 'Belgium? Surely not. You must be thinking of the Volga." "The Volga?" "Of course. The Volga, which, as you know, starts in..." "Vladivostok, and ends in..." "Wimbledon." "Precisely. Where the coffee beans come from."
- "Perhaps Margaret is right." "Right?" "Piracy is our only option."
- "Does she care for olives?"
- "Your feet are cold."
- "I do not think she drew breath from the moment we left London..."
- "I like her. She talks about things. We NEVER talk about things."
- "If Colonel Brandon is infirm, then I am at death's door..."
- "What care I for colds when there is such a man?" "You will care very much when your nose swells up..." "You are right. Help me, Elinor."
- "Mr. Palmer, are they not the very creatures she described?" "Nothing like."
- "He is the sort of man whom everyone thinks well of, but no one remembers to talk to."
- "You talk of feeling idle and useless. Imagine how that is compounded when one has no hope and no choice of any occupation whatsoever."
- "No, no. It will not rain." "You always say that and then it always does."
- "Are you asleep?" "With you in the room??"
- "To think! We can see his insufferable house from the top of our hill. I shall ask Jackson to plant some very tall trees." "You will do nothing of the sort."

So. Do you prefer this or the 2008 miniseries?

K xx


  1. Did you read the diary ET kept during the filming? Soooooo good. SO good. So so so good. Also: Alan Rickman. Also: Have you seen "Truly, Madly, Deeply" with Mr. Alan Rickman? Please watch at once and post. Thank you.

  2. I was actually going to say that we could skip this one, because I saw it super recently. But I do love it.

  3. I actually prefer the 1981 miniseries because Tracy Childs is such a perfect Marianne. And her and Irene Richards are more age appropriate in relation to the book, plus I just don't particularly like Kate Winslet. However, this one almost wins just because it has Alan Rickman. And Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer cracks me up! :)


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